What is it and why should I do it?

VCE Art making and Exhibiting allows students to develop an individual approach to art making across a wide selection of materials. Students consider how artists create work, how ideas are used to create artworks, how artworks are presented to an audience, how artworks are preserved and students make their own work.

VCE Art Making and Exhibiting allows for an experimental approach to analogue and digital techniques using a wide variety of materials such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, ceramics and more.

Students will also research and write on the art practice of their chosen artists and look at artworks from different cultures and times.  In Unit 4 they will visit galleries and develop an understanding of how the art industry functions.

How much homework/study will I have?

All Unit 3 and 4 subjects require 3-5 hours of study per week.

Students will be required to complete research for homework prior to sitting the SACs. 

The completion of studio production and annotating your visual diary as well as producing final artworks will also require additional time outside of regular classes.

What contributes to my study score?

Outcome 1 in Unit 3: Collect - inspirations, influences and images.

Outcome 2 in Unit 3: Extend - make, critique and reflect.

Outcome 3 in Unit 3: Connect - curate, design and propose.

Outcome 1 in Unit 4: Consolidate - refine and resolve.

Outcome 2 in Unit 4: Present - plan and critique.

Outcome 3 in Unit 4: Conserve - present and care.

How do I satisfactorily complete the unit?

To pass any VCE unit you need to demonstrate that you have met the Outcomes.

Unit 3

Outcome 1: Collect - inspirations, influences and images.  This is developmental work in your visual arts journal, influences and experiments with materials.

Outcome 2: Extend - make, critique and reflect.  This is when you will create artworks and critique artworks. 

Outcome 3: Connect - curate, design and propose.  For this you will plan an exhibition of the work of three artists.

Unit 4

Outcome 1Consolidate - refine and resolve.  This is where you will complete at least one finished artwork.

Outcome 2 Present - plan and critique.  This is when you will present a critique of your own artworks.

Outcome 3: Conserve - present and care.  This is where you will research conservation methods related to your own artwork.

On completion of this unit the student should have created artworks, planned artworks in their Visual Arts journal, critiqued their own artwork and considered conservation methods.

Give me all the details I want to know more:

VCE Art Making and Exhibiting

PHSC Studio Arts 3&4 Wiki Page

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