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What is it and why should I do it?

Philosophy 3&4 requires you to study key themes in depth. You will study the mind/body problem (debate concerning the relationship between consciousness, the mind, the brain, and the body), personal identity, and how to live a good life. Each topic is approached through the study of 3-4 philosophical texts (Nietzsche, Descartes, Aristotle, and Susan Wolf, to name a few).
We spend class discussing the ideas in the texts and our own responses to these ideas; this subject demands that we be rigorous and critical in our thinking.  Philosophy is not a discipline to be passively received but a conversation to be entered into.

How much homework/study will I have?

All Unit 3 and 4 subjects require 3-5 hours of study per week.

Your homework will be reading the texts, completing summary questions and practicing written analyses to consolidate your knowledge and skills in this subject. 

What contributes to my study score?

SACs throughout the year and the two-hour end of year exam. SACs will be short-answer questions, page/page and a half responses to unseen prompts, and essays.  

Each area of study is work 12.5% of your study score,

The end of year exam is worth 50% of the study score.

How do I satisfactorily complete the unit?

To pass any VCE unit you need to demonstrate that you have met the Outcomes.

The Outcomes in Philosophy Unit 3 and 4 are met by completing the appropriate coursework and the SACs.

Unit 3: Outcome 1:The student should be able to examine concepts relating to the mind and body, analyse, compare and evaluate viewpoints and arguments concerning the relationship between the mind and body found in the set texts, and discuss contemporary debates. 

Unit 3: Outcome 2: The student should be able to analyse, compare and evaluate viewpoints and arguments on personal identity in the set texts and discuss related contemporary debates.

Unit 4: Outcome 1: The student should be able to discuss concepts related to the good life, and analyse, compare and evaluate the philosophical viewpoints and arguments in the set texts in relation to the good life. 

Unit 4: Outcome 2: The student should be able to discuss contemporary debates related to technological development and the good life, and examine the interplay between technological development and conceptions of the good life. 

Give me all the details I want to know more:

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