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In Year Years 7 and 8 all most students undertake a study in classroom music.  Students in year 8 can elect to do more intensive music tuition covering individual and group performance. Year 8 students have the option to select two different music subjects as part of the Semester 2 electives.

This subject offers an introduction to Music. It is based on learning about specific musical elements through a sequential and mostly practical program.

Students in this subject will develop their skills on a chosen instrument. They will investigate the Alexander Technique for musicians and learn to play scales on their chosen instrument, practice and perform a solo piece in a classroom recital and work in small ensembles or bands.

Students are required to purchase a music theory workbook called Don't Fret 1 or 2 depending on prior music knowledge. They will learn to read, write and play rhythms, melodic phrases and group works. They will learn to express ideas and feelings about their own and other people’s musical works. Students will also explore and learn to use computer programs such as, therhythmtrainer and

Students will be assessed on practical and theoretical work, group work and the development of their personal performance skills
titleYear 7 and 8 Classroom Music
Junior School Music (Years 7/8)

Junior School Music is an introduction to studying classroom music, featuring tasks revolved around Music Styles, Performance, and Understanding Music.

Students complete research and practical assessment in Salsa Music, perform as part of a 5 - 6 piece band, compose their own music using loops/samples, and learn practical approaches to relevant music theory.

Students who do not already learn an instrument will have the opportunity to play a contemporary band instrument in class, including: voice, guitar, bass, piano, drums.

titleYear 8 Music Elective (Semester 2 Only)

The Band


program is to enhance ensemble performance for students who have been learning an instrument. All students will participate in the band program and will learn to play and understand the Latin Rhythms such as the Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero and Bossa Nova.

This subject is strongly performance based. Students are expected to perform at a College concert.

Please note that students learning an instrument outside the school are encouraged to select this elective.

Students develop solo and performance skills on their instrument, perform as ensemble members in concerts/performances, develop music language and aural skills through performance and the use of music technology software, and learn how music is created and performed in different cultural contexts.

class is all about playing in a band! We’ll put together bands of 4 - 6 students to learn, rehearse, and perform music from a variety of different styles including: Rock, Blues, Funk, R ‘n B, and Pop. We will also study famous live performances from artists such as Queen, Beyonce, Midnight Oil, and John Butler to understand how bands/musicians put on a show and interact on stage.

By the end of the semester, all students will perform and record a set of music!

Please note: it is expected that you already learn an instrument when you choose this subject.


Ever wondered why your favourite song sounds the way it does? How do you even get started writing a song?! This is the opportunity to let your creative juices flow! We’ll learn the basics of creating catchy melodies, cool riffs, and sick beats. Then we’ll use DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to combine them all together and record your very own piece of music.

By the end of the semester, all students will have their own song recorded to share online however you like!

titleInstrumental Music & Ensemble Program

All students from Year 7 – 12 are able to access have the option to enrol in the instrumental music lessons via the instrumental music program. There is an instrumental music charge.  Please see the College website (music) for details and forms. Tuition is available in small groups on a rotational basis. Students may elect to take lessons on


Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass


Flute, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon,   Saxophone  (all types)


trumpet, trombone and tuba


classical, contemporary and Bass




orchestral percussion (including tuned and untuned),  drumkit



Theory Lessons


Lessons for these instruments are run on a weekly rotation system. This system ensures that students only miss the same lesson twice in any term.

ABRSM, ANZCA, and AMEB exams are available - all are externally assessed and are optional.


Ensembles are open to students from all levels. Students do NOT have to be having a lesson as part of the school instrumental program to participate in the ensembles.  Students may have to audition for some ensembles.

  • Year 7 Band – for all new and beginning instrumental students
  • Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • Contemporary Jazz Ensemble
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Camerata Strings
  • Vivaldi Strings
  • Latin Band
  • Gypsy Band
  • Quartets
  • Senior Vocal Group
  • Junior Vocal group

    program; an ensemble based program that provides group and individual tuition on a variety of instruments.

    Please visit the PHSC Music Page for more information.