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Food Studies is one of those awesome subjects that has something for everybody. Do you like Science? Then you’ll love this subject. How about History? Or Maths? Almost every other subject is visited in Food Studies. Food is one of those wonderful things that is a part of everyday of our lives, no matter where you are in the world. Food has the unique ability to tell its own story, whether through colour, texture, or the picture it creates on a plate. Every culture around the world has a unique story to tell, and in Units One and Two, we dive deep into the make-up of both our own food culture here in Australia, and many others abroad. We also look at the manufacturing of food, from Farm to Plate, and what standards food must meet to be sold in Australia

Best of all, this is a practical subject, so we won’t just be talking about food, we’ll be making it too!

2023 has an updated Study Design.

Click here to watch to Ms Spurrell talk about Food Studies.


To gain an S for any VCE subject you need to demonstrate that you have met the Outcomes. In Food Studies, there are 4 outcomes spread across Units 1&2. Assessments will be completed in varying formats, including written evaluations, practical cooking, oral presentations and mixed media work.

Unit 1:

  • Outcome 1: Analyse major factors in the development of a globalised food supply, and through practical activities critique the uses and adaptations of selected food from earlier cuisines in contemporary recipes.
  • Outcome 2: Describe patterns of change in Australia’s food industries and cultures, and through practical activities critique contemporary uses of foods indigenous
    to Australia and those foods introduced through migration.

Unit 2:

  • Outcome 1: Analyse relationships, opportunities and challenges within Australia’s food systems, and respond to a design brief that produces a food product and demonstrates the application of commercial food production principles.
  • Outcome 2: Use a range of measures to evaluate food products prepared in different settings for a range of dietary requirements, and create a food product that illustrates potential adaptation in a commercial context.

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VCAA Food Studies (new study design for 2023)