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  • Middle School Electives - Physical and Personal Development
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The following elective subjects are available in the Physical and Personal Development stream:

Students must select at least one Physical Education or Health Education subject each semester.


Boot Camp is designed to extend students physically, beyond their normal class experiences. Students complete 10 sessions of self defense with Frank Barca from Precision Martial Arts. The course will incorporate elite training methods which will allow students to work to their full physical potential. All components and principles of Fitness Training will be investigated with an emphasis on team work, team building and student cooperation. This is a subject for those wishing to increase their fitness and those wishing to really extend themselves physically and mentally.

Students will learn about the skills and requirements to become a good coach, such as, communication skills, fitness programming, biomechanics, skill acquisition and nutrition. They will coach their peers as well as junior students from neighbouring primary schools. Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing, participate in practical classes, work cooperatively and satisfactorily complete theoretical and practical assessment.

Teachers may organize excursions to sporting events which may require payment.

This subject aims to develop social and interpersonal skills, personal, recreational and spiritual values, improve physical fitness and health and increase environmental understanding and appreciation.

Students will study navigation, equipment, clothing, first aid, survival techniques, preparing outdoor adventure trips, conservation issues, camp cooking, tent preparation, cycling, rock climbing, bush walking and canoeing.

Students will be assessed on the successful completion of work requirements, including wearing appropriate clothing, working cooperatively, participating in practical classes, theoretical and practical assignments and attendance at an overnight camp.

There is a fee of $120 to cover the cost of practical activities and a three day camp at a cost of $110.

Physical Education in the Middle School involves team and ball sports comprising the following activities:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Fitness
  • Hockey
  • Futsal
  • Basketball
  • European Handball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket

Students will develop motor skills, understand rules, strategies and techniques, develop positive attitudes towards health and fitness, understand human physiology and biomechanics, and develop an awareness of community issues relating to sport and develop acceptable social behaviour.

They will undertake a range of skill development activities in the above sports.

Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing, participate in practical classes, work cooperatively, satisfactorily complete theoretical and practical assessment and participate at the Intermediate Interschool sports days in terms 1 and 2.

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