Students in Year 7 and Year 8 will be introduced to the College Code of Behaviour and to the specific rules that apply to each class during the first weeks of the school year.  Each student in the Junior School is expected to make themselves aware of the Code of Behaviour.  A copy of the Code of Behaviour can be found in the Student Work Planner and Record, or may be obtained from the General Office or the College website.

Princes Hill Secondary College does not have a uniform. Students are expected to wear sensible clothing. Students will be asked to cover up T-shirts that have offensive slogans. Thongs are not permitted for safety reasons, and students must wear closed shoes for practical classes. Students are expected to change into appropriate sports clothing for sports and Physical Education classes. 

Whilst Young people are avid users of Mobile Phones, ipods, etc they are seen as disruptive to the learning environment and/or affect the safety of students and staff.

Students who bring their mobile phone, iPOD, etc. to school must show respect for the learning environment by:
• having them switched off and out of sight (this includes accessories) inside the school building at all times
• not making or answering calls or SMSs in class at any time
• not using their mobile phone to bully other people
• not using an in-phone camera in inappropriate places such as toilets or change rooms
• never taking photos of others with an in-phone camera without their knowledge or permission

Students who do not follow this policy will forfeit their device as laid out in the PHSC Mobile Phone policy[1]

Students are required to purchase a School Diary when they enrol and to carry it to every class.  The Work Planner and Record is used for:

a)     Students to record all subject homework and due dates

b)     Teachers to send messages home to parents about student progress

c)     Parents to send messages to teachers about any concerns they may have

d)     Finding important information regarding College procedures and the Code of Behaviour

e)    Recording reasons for being out of class (e.g. Library or toilet visits).

Parents are asked to read or check the Work Planner and Record regularly and to sign it each week.


Success at school depends on students developing skills and habits which enable them to grow socially and intellectually. T

hese skills and habits are mainly practised and developed in the context of the school community through regular attendance of classes and school events and the everyday contact with other students and with teachers. 

In this process students gain broader social skills and awareness plus effective organisational and study skills which support their formal and informal education.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Any absences must be explained with a note or phone call from parents/guardians to the Year 7 or Year 8 Co-ordinator. Interim and Semester reports will report the number of days absent.

If students know in advance that they will be absent from school for any period of time, they and their parents must arrange for set work with the level coordinator and the teachers.

Students who are late to any class during the course of the day will be required to obtain a late pass docket from the main office. They will then be required to attend a detention for the first half of the next lunchtime.

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