Students should check their Compass schedules on a daily basis for up to date information. The Senior school Hub also has an information screen, noticeboard, careers, pathways and study pamphlets for all students all which must be checked regularly. The Senior School Wiki, Compass newsfeed, teacher emails and the school website all report important information relevant to senior students.

A number of classes will be running on a Wednesday. It is important that students check their compass schedules on a daily basis for any changes and special events. If students have no classes or events scheduled on a Wednesday we recommend they regularly use this time as a study day at home or at school. Do not organise paid work for Wednesdays as your teachers can ask you to come in on any Wednesday. Remember you may be required to come to school for extra classes, study skills & wellbeing sessions, excursions or exams. You may also wish to come to school to see teachers, work on a project or to use special equipment. Most VET classes are held on Wednesdays.

If you have to make appointments during the week; for example, medical, dental, Centrelink, driver's licence, make sure you do this at a time when you are not required at school for any activity.

It is also important to treat Tuesday evenings as normal evenings for the purposes of study.

Research shows that students who use social media whilst studying do significantly worse than those who do not. We encourage you NOT to use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. whilst studying. Another major factor that can make a positive difference is getting enough sleep to help your brain process new information. 

Students are expected to check Compass daily for important information regarding classes and school events. PHSC email should also be checked regularly as teachers communicate with students often in this way.

Students are also encouraged to email teachers if they are absent in order to learn what work they missed.

Speaking with teachers outside of class time can be highly useful in improving students' subject understanding and subsequent results.

IMPORTANT: If there is any change of information regarding your address etc., this must be communicated to the VASS coordinator.

Several times throughout the year, student details (VASS Student Full Details Reports) will be given to you. You must check that all details are correct (name, address, subject selection, etc.). You then sign and return this to the VASS Coordinator.

The Senior School Hub is a quiet study space that students can utilise before, during and after school. It is also where the Sub School Leader, Year 11 and 12 Year Level Coordinators, VCAL Coordinator, Senior Pathways and Careers and VASS (Victorian Assessment Software System) coordinator have offices. Students are encouraged to see them if you have any issues that are affecting your time at school. Please remember that we also have a Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Educational Psychologists who are available to help with personal concerns.

Please note that parents must make appoints directly with staff and sign in at the general office in order to meet with any member of the Senior School team.

During study periods, certain areas are available for quiet private study. These include the library, the level 3 study hub and any empty classrooms. If discussions are required do not use the study hub or library, use the canteen or an available classroom. The quiet places in the library are available for individual silent work.

During class time (including your private study periods) you must remain in the building. If you wish to leave the school area during a study period or during lunchtime, it is necessary to sign out at the compass kiosk at the general office.

The Library is the primary research/study facility of the college. It is a place where students know they will be able to find an atmosphere of work. It is open before and after school for student use.

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