Program Overview

Elective subjects generally combine students from both Years 9 & 10. Students will select their preferences for electives for the forthcoming year prior to commencement. Considerable effort is made to ensure that students’ elective allocation is fair and equitable. Within these electives each student must include a minimum of one subject over the year within the Visual Art/Design Technology/Performing Arts and Physical and Personal Development learning areas.

Included in the electives program is Year 9 Health. Students will be allocated a semester of Health to ensure that they are meeting Departmental guidelines regarding the inclusion of Health into the school curriculum. The PHSC Health initiative is a response to staff, student and wider community feedback on the importance of a Health Program. Students will not be permitted to repeat electives unless sanctioned by Middle School Leader, have an unbalanced course (e.g. 5 Physical Education electives in one year plus Health), or make arrangements to ‘swap’ electives if they are unsuccessful in their first choice. Requests to change electives will be processed in the first two weeks of the school year.

Year 10 student elective preferences are prioritised, however, electives aim to achieve a balance of both Year 9 & 10 students as well as a gender and ability balance. Elective preferences submitted on time will be prioritised above late submissions.

Charges for electives will appear on the school charges and voluntary contributions sheet.

Design Technology


Performing Arts

Physical and Personal Development



Visual Art

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