Visitors to school premises are now permitted consistent with vaccination requirements and other health and safety controls.

To support contact tracing we are required to keep a record of all visitors who attend on-site for longer than 15 minutes. Our school uses the Victorian Governments QR Code to assist with record keeping requirements for visitors (this includes parents, contractors, external Department staff and building and maintenance staff).

All Visitors to school grounds must comply with physical distancing and face mask requirements QR code check-ins, and practise good hand hygiene.

During the school day, all staff, contractors and visitors must sign in and out using the Compass Kiosk located in our Reception area.

The density limit of one person per four square metres should be applied to any spaces and activities being attended by parent/carers and other visitors. The density limit applies to all persons in the space, including students.

Vaccination requirements for visitors to school facilities

Any visitor or volunteers performing work in schools (including parent helpers, NDIS providers, and other operators such as incursion providers and private music teachers) are required to be fully vaccinated by 29 November (unless a medical exemption applies) to attend on site. See COVID-19 Vaccinations – Visitors and Volunteers Working on School Sites. for details.

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