Please see below for the covid-19 cases reported since our previous report on Tuesday evening. Up to date advice about semester 2 Covid-19 reporting and isolation requirements can also be found below.

Students are reminded that masks are still required on public transport. Schools have been recently advised that fines will now apply to those not wearing masks on public transport. 

Masks remain required in some contexts in addition to public transport. Please see details here

It is also the Department of Education's expectation that all students over the age of 8 will wear masks when indoors at school,  consistent with advice from the Chief Health Officer. Please find at the link this letter signed by government, private and catholic school sectors asking for your support for mask wearing for the remainder of winter.  Please bring a mask to school each day. They will also be available from the Admin office. Families are urged to ensure they have accessed covid-19 booster vaccines as they become eligible. Free influenza vaccination is also available for all Victorians. Positive cases are still required to be reported through the DET portal or our email address, and to the Department of Health.

Department of Education advice is that rapid antigen testing should occur whenever students are symptomatic. Rapid antigen test packs will continue to be distributed.  Students/families who require more test packs can collect them from our Administration office or contact Emily at  for assistance. Household contacts are required to test negative using a rapid antigen test on at least 5 out of 7 days if they are attending or working at a school onsite (see below for further information).
We continue to endeavour to slow the spread of the virus to ensure our full school learning program can be meaningfully sustained. Using hand sanitizer when entering or leaving classrooms, and wearing masks indoors will support our efforts to minimise the impact of the virus through the use of air purifiers (all filters were changed over the semester break) and by keeping rooms ventilated. Consequently, students and staff are encouraged to dress with the colder indoor temperatures in mind as winter sets in and windows and doors remain open.

Date positive case/s reported:Date last on site: Year levels/classes/location affected:Other information



Year 8ABC camp (8/8 -12/8) & Year 8DEF campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC camp: 8/8 -12/8At Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8

Year 8ABC camp; 8HUMS2B, 8SCIE,2B, 8MATH2B, 8SHAKB, 8ITAL2B, 8ENGL2B, 8RPAGEDAt Mirimbah campus, (school site 15&16/8)



Year 8ABC camp; 8RPAIND, 8SCIE2C, 8ITAL2C, 8ENGL2C, 8RBAKED, 8MATH2CAt Mirimbah campus,( school site 15/8)


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.


8/8 -12/8Year 8ABC campAt Mirimbah campus, not school site.

Testing Positive

 If staff or students receive a positive test result at any time, they must still report this through the Department of Health system Rapid antigen tests | Coronavirus Victoria or via the coronavirus hotline at 1800 675 398. Staff must also report via eduPay.

Students (or their parents) must also report a positive result to the school, either through the COVID Test portal (preferred) or by phone or written notification to This is so the school can record that students will be absent while in 7-day isolation, provide support and learning materials as needed, and let the rest of the school community know there has been a positive case onsite, and that they should monitor for symptoms. Please also ensure that student absence is accurately reflected in Compass.

Household contacts

Where a student is a household contact of a positive case (that is, they have spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation, or care facility) they must inform the school. Household and household-like contacts are no longer required to quarantine as long as they take additional safety measures in the 7 days that would have been their quarantine period. If household contacts do not undertake the safety measures they are required to isolate and test on Day one and Day 6 of isolation.  Household contacts are required to inform the school that they are attending during the 7 day period, please use the If a student household contact returns a positive RAT result, they must then isolate for 7 days and notify both the Department of Health and the school.

What household contacts are required to do.

Firstly, notify the school that they are a household or household-like contact. Including notifying the school if returning during their 7 day period; (Please use the email to notify us that a student is a household contact and the date this was identified.)

Follow the Checklist for COVID contacts.

·         undertake daily rapid antigen testing 5 times within the 7 days;

·         wear a face covering when indoors (if aged 8 years and above or unless they have a valid exception);

·         are not permitted to visit hospitals or care facilities unless an exception applies.

They are recommended to avoid interaction with people at higher risk of severe disease from COVID-19.

If symptomatic, all students/staff must stay/return home, take a rapid antigen test, or get a PCR test if a rapid antigen testing kit unavailable.

Note: Parents/carers who are positive cases are able to leave isolation if other arrangements cannot be made to transport someone they live with to and/or from school. The person leaving self-isolation must travel directly to and from the location, making no stops, unless there is an emergency or as required by law. They must remain in the vehicle at all times, unless it is reasonably necessary to leave the vehicle to deliver the person to and from school. They must wear a face covering at all times while transporting and delivering the child.

Rapid antigen testing screening program - reminder

RATs will continue to be supplied for  Term 3&4 to support the early detection of COVID-19 in our school.  Screening recommendations now advise testing when symptomatic. Please note that students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, and have completed their 7-day isolation period, do not need to undertake rapid antigen test (RAT) screening for 4 weeks after their release from isolation. This was previously 12 weeks. Please see the formal advice from the AHPPC  here.

Face masks

Whilst face masks are not required in any school setting except as outlined above – Household Contacts -  their use is expected by the Department of Education and strongly recommended by the Chief Health Office in indoor settings. We understand that many students and staff members, including those who are medically at-risk or are household contacts will to continue to wear a facemask. The latest advice on the use of face masks can be found here. A reminder that everyone including students aged 8 years and above must wear a face mask when travelling on public transport, taxis or ride share vehicles.


In the depths of winter and flu season, covid-19 vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, and booster shots for students 16+ and boosters for adults aged over 30, remain the best way to ensure protection for our community. If you have any concerns about getting  vaccinated, please get in contact with your GP or another health professional who can answer your questions. You may also wish to book an Influenza vaccine. Please see a letter from the Department about flu vaccination here

Vaccination requirements for visitors to schools

Parents, carers and other adult visitors including contractors are no longer required to show evidence of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. . There is also no longer any vaccination requirement for employees in secondary schools.

Best regards

Trevor Smith

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