Dear students, parents and staff

The long anticipated return of all year levels to on-site learning takes place on Monday with Years 8, 9 and 10 rejoining us.  We are very much looking forward to catching up and communicating in person, and salute the reslience and perseverance of Year 8,9 and 10 students along with their parents and teachers who have been in remote learning for the long haul. Our students, staff and families can be rightfully proud of their achievements in this entirely unforeseen and deeply challenging pandemic year - and I thank you all. 

Elements of the return to school are outlined below with full details found at our Returning to school/On-site Learning wiki page. Please be aware that there are changes to our current arrangements with all students back on site. Please take time to view the brief version below along with the full details at the link.

We are optimistic about the declining trend in coronavirus numbers across Melbourne - if there are three or fewer cases confirmed tomorrow, the 14-day average will drop to five, a pivotal number for moving out of Stage 4 restrictions. However, we remain vigilant about infection control measures at school, doing all we can to prevent potential transmission and ensure the school can stay open for on-site learning right through to the end of the year. To minimise the risks, we are heavily reliant on students following the, Public Health, Department and school guidelines, including wearing masks, hand sanitising and continuing to maintain 1.5 metre physical distance wherever reasonably possible, both in classrooms, during recess, lunchtime and travelling to and from school. Our thoughts and encouragement are with our Year 12 students as they prepare for exams with barely two weeks of classes remaining. It is especially important for our Year 12 students to ensure the school stays virus free as we enter the external VCAA examination period. 

A reminder that the most important action we can take to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), is to ensure that any unwell staff and students remain at home and get tested, even with the mildest of symptoms. Detailed information about health and safety at school is available at our Returning to school/On-site Learning page. This page will be updated as further information or advice becomes available or changes to arrangements are deemed necessary.

The return to school of all students is not expected to be entirely plain sailing but we trust it will be a change of course that leads us into smoother waters.

Best regards

Trevor Smith


Brief Outline of arrangements for return of all students

School arrival and departure arrangements for Term 4

To support physical distancing at our school we have arranged for the following staggered arrival and departure times and entry/exit points:

Classes held on Level 2 operate 5 minutes ahead of the normal schedule (either side of a recess and lunchtime break) to alleviate congestion in corridors as students move in and out of the building. 

Students to use the stairwell closest to the timetabled classroom. See stairwell allocations - and also posters placed around the school for clarification.

Reducing mixing between student groups

Scheduling of classes for Year 11 and 12 classes are prioritised to Level 3.  Check revised Compass room allocations carefully - there are many room changes from October 26.

Face coverings

Physical distancing

Recess and Lunchtime Arrangements as of 26 October for Princes Park use.

Information will be updated at our Returning to school/On-site Learning page as changes or further advice or clarification becomes available.