This page provides information about expectations of teachers in supporting remote and flexible learning at Princes Hill Secondary College.

Teacher Expectations

During the period where Princes Hill Secondary College is delivering remote and flexible learning, it is expected that teachers will:


  • Prepare and deliver content for their subjects. This will include using Compass, Zoom, email, the school wiki (Confluence) and other online platforms. It is the expectation that staff use Zoom for a minimum of 2 sessions per week. Each learning area will have different requirements depending on the subject and the content being delivered. Using Zoom for more than 2 sessions per week can be decided through consultation within teams. It is recommended that Zoom is broken down into direct teaching/instruction time and independent student learning time. Be mindful of Zoom fatigue for yourself and your students. 
  • Check that their home work space is consistent with DET Working from Home guidelines. A simple OHS checklist for working remotely is here.

  • Be available to respond to students during scheduled periods. Where a teacher is unable to be online during their timetabled class e.g. caring for their own family, they will arrange and communicate alternatives for student contact in the Compass Lesson Plan. These times will need to be beyond the scheduled timetable so other classes are not compromised.
  • Participate in school meetings using Zoom or other platform as appropriate. We are reviewing frequency and duration of meetings given the newness of the online and remote experience for staff
  • Fulfill the duties of their Position of Responsibility (POR) - if they have one - insofar as is possible. We recognise that the way you go about this work will almost inevitably change, depending on your role.

Organisation and Communication of Learning

  • Include instructions for students in each Compass Lesson Plan. This will likely include links to units on the Wiki, Zoom meetings or other online documents and resources. It may be brief and refer to ongoing, previously communicated tasks and activities. It is recommended you use the word "Zoom" on the lesson plan when a student needs to log in for face to face roll marking and "Access Resources" for the lessons where students are required to work independently. Once a student accesses the lesson plan and or resources you can confirm their attendance for that class by downloading the "Access Page Report" See more detail under FAQs.
  • Frame and apportion learning and task expectations in weekly segments using the Weekly Work Template. The template can simply be copied and pasted into the first Compass Lesson Plan of the week. This will help students manage workload and stay on track and help teachers monitor learning and sustain a lesson 'pace'.
  • Monitor student learning generally on a weekly basis and provide feedback using Compass Learning Tasks, email, the school Wiki or other platforms and mechanisms. This will vary according to year level, subject area and the nature of the task.
  • Explain to students the need to access and log into every compass lesson plan on any given day to trigger engagement in the page access report. This will verify that they have engaged in the lesson and therefore can be marked present. It is most important that students are reminded that an attendance roll will marked for every session during remote learning in Term 3.
    This is different from the Term 2 attendance requirements. 

 Student Follow Up and Wellbeing

  • Follow up with student and parent where there is an initial concern over student engagement, participation or work completion using the new Compass Chronicle category Remote Learning Engagement. This entry is automatically shared with the parent on Compass and is a means of expressing concern about progress and prompting follow up with/by parent and student. YLCs and wellbeing team also monitor this category.
  • Use Compass Chronicle to communicate any persistent concerns they have about a student and alert relevant YLC, SSL or the SWC. Click here for protocols/help in using Compass Chronicle. Note that more detailed or personal information should be provided directly to the YLC/SSL/Wellbeing team.
  • Use Compass Chronicle with Green rating for general positive feedback or encouragement. These can be shared with parents.
  • Staff should refer to the Student Wellbeing Team for further information where student wellbeing concerns arise.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ's) - For Teachers

Teachers to contact the DO as early as possible as per usual practice. Teacher absence will be reflected on Compass to ensure students and parents know you are unavailable with the use of a new ‘Self Directed Learning’ Compass code. Ideally, teachers will provide a brief note in the Lesson Plan of what students are expected to do, though this is not a requirement. If the teacher absence is extended, the Learning Area Leader will facilitate work for students to complete and make arrangements for looking after the class with the DO. For further detail see Teacher Personal Leave during Remote Learning (staff access only).

DET have advised that:

Schools must record student attendance …in every class in secondary schools and record, in writing, the reason given for each absence.

… The Department recognises the additional administrative burden this may place, but it is particularly important that schools and the Department have up to date attendance data to inform planning for staffing, services and physical distancing and contact tracing if need be.

In order to comply with the above DET requirement, Compass Rolls are to be marked for every class during a period of remote and flexible learning. While normal practice would involve Compass Rolls being marked by the end of any given lesson in order to meet the above DET requirements, it is acknowledged that while conducting remote and flexible learning the type of lesson may vary and marking the roll before the end of the lesson may not be practical. Therefore, the requirement for flexible and remote lessons is that the Compass Roll should be marked by 3:30pm that day.

There are a variety of tools and techniques provided to teachers to support the marking of the Compass Roll for various remote lesson types.

Further details for teachers can be found on the Student Attendance during Remote Learning page (staff access only).

Instrumental music lessons will happen using Zoom in the usually scheduled way. You can see which students have an IM lesson on their Compass schedule. Their IM teacher will use the Lesson Plan feature to provide the Zoom link.

Wellbeing in the current context is more important than ever and we are expected to keep track of student wellbeing as best we can. The program will most likely run via Zoom. Sub-school Leaders, Wellbeing Team and YLCs are meeting on Tuesday to clarify what content and approach is most helpful, and how the sessions will operate. The Wellbeing Team (Felicity, Jessica & Kelly) are happy to join your Zoom HG sessions for support and to offer expertise

This is very helpful. Simply upload the recording to the Compass Lesson Plan. It allows students to go over your instructions discussion or examples to see what they may have not understood or have missed if sick or in an IM lesson.

Teachers can use the online Help Page to get help with many things. If a problem cannot be resolved using the online Help, the Working From Home help page provides instructions on how to raise a Help Request and/or contact the IT team for assistance.

Contact Peter Wood and/or Kim Gray for assistance.

Start with the Department In Our Classrooms teaching resource. There are some helpful tips there from Virtual School Victoria (Distance Education). This site will have a regular newsletter you can subscribe to for updates and new material. Also drop a line to our Learning Specialists (Elle/Bianca/Sasha), your Learning Area Leader, our eLearning Leaders (Dean/Peter) or any member of the Leadership Team. You can also access other DET resources and ideas here.

Department advice on this can be found here

This financial support will be automatically paid through your fortnightly pay - pro rata based on your time fraction. 

Please see Coming into School during Term 2.