Dear students, parents and carers, and staff

The Premier announced this afternoon that we move to Stage 4 restrictions from 6 pm tonight.

Recently, I have frequently been reminded of the maxim to take one day at a time. I will be as succinct as possible, acknowledging that there will be many questions. However, many of these will need to wait for further information and clarification. As the Premier said this afternoon, 'The whole way through this, I promised to be upfront. So I’ll say this now. This will be imperfect. And for a little while, there’ll be more questions than answers. It’s why I’m asking something else of Victorians – please be calm, please be kind, please be patient.

Tomorrow - Monday August 3

Tuesday August 4

Wednesday August 5

Thursday August 6

I anticipate that there will be further advice from the Department of Education later this evening that I will communicate to you tomorrow.

I'll finish this message with the words of the Premier,

'All the temporary sacrifices we make now – all the time missed with mates, those delayed visits to mum – those sacrifices will help keep our mates and our mums and our fellow Victorians safe. We can – we will – get through this.

Apart. But together.'

Take care and stay safe,

Trevor Smith