Remote Learning and the VCE


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The VCAA has provided advice on delivery of the VCE under Remote Learning conditions. This advice continues to evolve- we will keep you up to date as it does. For Term 2 VCE students are expected to participate in all subject class/instruction, tasks, homework tasks and set work.


Attendance Policy : For Term 2 and the remainder of Unit 1 and 3 the Senior school attendance policy will be suspended. Students are expected to meet all work requirements and the equivalent work for at least 50 hours instruction to attain an S for any unit. If a student is not engaging regularly in a subject, then parents and the Senior school team should be notified.



  • Unit 3 has been extended and will now end on Friday 31 st of July.   (Term 3 -week 3)
  • Unit 1 has been extended and will now end on Friday 26 th of June. (Term 2 -week 11)
  • VASS dates will be changed however we are still waiting on VCAA for this information- Jenn Low will inform teachers of the new dates as soon as we know.
  • Once we have VCAA exam dates we will ask Learning Areas to adjust the unit 2 and 4 SAC calendar.
  • Year 12 Formal is postponed until Term 4 TBC
  • Year 12 external exams postponed - possibly December (date TBC)
  • Year 12 Graduation evening-postponed until after year 12 exams (TBC)
  • Year 11 End of year exams- Last week in November (TBC)
  • Year 11-12 Transition- postponed TBC (possibly change to one and a half day program or holiday homework only)



Achieving outcomes: Students should still be able to demonstrate that they understand the key knowledge areas and achieve the outcomes in a unit for an S or N. Teachers will use submitted tasks/ homework and other work as evidence that demonstrates the students understanding of each unit outcome.



  •       Teachers should design formative assessment   tasks (which could include drafts/tasks/practice sac) that assist in ascertaining students understanding of the key knowledge and skills for each the Area of Study in Unit 1 and 3.


Administering assessments:

  • NO formal SAC assessments are to occur whilst in remote learning.
  • All other assessment tasks require the students, parents/guardians to complete and sign the authentication form. Any work that cannot be authenticated will need to be repeated when back at school.
  •       Use Compass learning task -include instructions, set time and date for submission of task. Attach the VCE Authentication sheet for the   student and   parent/guardian to sign.  
  • On the due date   student should upload completed   work by the set time and date together with the signed authentication form by the parent/guardian.  
  •       If not submitted the student will not qualify for a scored assessment unless a medical certificate is forwarded to the class teacher & coordinator. 
  •       If a student is unwell, has a medical certificate and forwarded it to the teacher and coordinator they will be provided with a new due date of no more than 3 days after the original set date. Providing it fits in with the medical guidance.


Graded assessment:


     UNIT 3

  • SATs will continue to run as possible- ensure the appropriate VCAA authentication form is completed. Please see your Learning area leader for specific questions. (TBC- CW still discussing with DS)
  • Where possible teachers are to utilise student work/ drafts/practice SAC result together with any other task(s)   to   ‘derive’   an assessed score for the required Unit 3 scored assessment result. This result will later be verified once school resumes (see below.)  


     When school resumes:  

  •       The student is to undertake a maximum of two SAC’s for each subject to allow for authentication of student work (this may include questions that cover more than one outcome). The teacher assesses the task and confirms   or moderates   the graded assessment for the scored assessment that will be entered on VASS as the indicative score .
  •       The school will run a Unit 3 Assessment week (similar to the year 11 exam schedule) for one SAC per subject. (week 4 Term3 after the end of the unit? No year 12 classes to run that week?)




  •       Teachers are to utilise student work/ drafts/practice SAC result together with any other task(s)   set to   determine if the student has met the outcome   to a Satisfactory or Not satisfactory level. No formal scored assessments until we return to school.
  •       Mid-year exams are cancelled.



Authentication of work:

For all VCE Unit Outcomes it is very important that teachers are able to authenticate student work. All VCE students, parents/guardians must complete and sign the authentication form to have work assessed. Any work that cannot be authenticated will need to be repeated once returning to school.


Students should ensure they date and keep all drafts, notes, plans, classwork, revision notes etc. These can be shown to teachers to help authenticate student work when we’re back at school. Encourage students to keep all work and not to throw out anything that could be used as evidence of learning.