Impact of COVID- 19

VET Arrangements for Term II (as at 9 April, 2020)

Cancelled VET Classes


Arrangements for Term II

Northern College of the Arts and Technology – all courses 


All classes moved to Moodle. See letter to students below



Online delivery – see letter below

CERES – Horticulture


Online delivery


CERES will be using Zoom and Google Classroom to deliver the Horticulture program in Term 2.   The first session will be on 15 April commencing 1.30pm but will be a shorter introductory session.   We will be delivering learning activities and theoretical assessment with the expectation that we can return to hands-on learning and practical demonstration   when face-to-face delivery resumes.


Students will be sent invites directly, but I will notify all schools via the IMVC portal as well.


Ringwood Training – all courses


Online delivery

Eastern Ranges – Horticulture (Pathways to Success)


Classes cancelled for Term II

William Angliss – Hospitality second year

Online Delivery – See letter to student 

Sydney Road Community School – Music Industry (Electronic Music)

Online Delivery – using Google Classroom

Siena College – Applied Fashion and Technology

Siena College will not be open physically for Term 2 for VET. The trainer has sent theoretical and other work to students, and will use Microsoft Teams to connect with classes at their usual time. She is in email contact with them.


A reminder that this is non-video, audio only contact. Siena suggests that students photograph their work and send through to the trainer for feedback.


Holmesglen – all courses

Online Delivery

Xavier College – Music Industry (Sound Production)


Swinburne Senior SC

TBC – in the meantime no VER classes will be on site at Swinburne Senior

Kangan Institute – all courses

Classes start week beginning 20 April

Remote delivery see attachments and information below

Box Hill Institute - all courses

Refer to information below.  All classes in Term II will be delivered via distance learning

IMVC RTO – all courses

All IMVC RTO Term II classes will be delivered via distance learning including VET courses for students with disability. To support distance learning we will be using Zoom and email.


It is imperative that we have accurate student emails to facilitate this.  We request IMVC Cluster schools check the VET portal and ensure that all emails have been loaded and are correct.


All trainers will be available at scheduled class hours and venues in the FIRST TWO WEEKS ONLY, for students to pick up their learning workbooks – where they do not have them. Social distancing requirements will be observed.


As supplementary support, IMVC has also set up an IMVC RTO Facebook Group to support IMVC RTO VET classes only .  Some of our trainers may also use this platform to communicate requirements.  Students in IMVC RTO VET courses are invited to join

IMVC - RTO FB Group:   5/


Please note IMVC will monitor this platform to ensure IMVC Childsafe and social media/internet policies are being adhered to.











Letter from Box Hill TAFE

Over the past two weeks, Box Hill Institute has been preparing its VETDSS courses for remote delivery. This has involved each course developing online content and finding the best technologies to help students succeed.

What do I need to do?
To ensure you are prepared for class each week, please logon to StudentWeb before your class begins. StudentWeb ( ) will be your central point of contact with Box Hill Institute. It will host messages from your teachers, course work, resources and links to other technologies that you will need to install and use.   Please email   if you   do not   have access to StudentWeb.

When are classes run?
Classes will be run online at the same time as your normal class. For instance, if you study Animal Studies on Wednesdays from 1.30pm to 5.00pm, your online class will take place at that exact same time.  

Please ensure you logon at least 10 minutes prior to the official start time and make sure your attendance is marked by your teacher each week.

Do I have to attend online classes each week?
Your online attendance each week is   mandatory   to ensure you receive the volume of learning required to be awarded your qualification.

What technologies will I be using?
Each course will have slightly different requirements based on the content that is being taught. All courses will be using StudentWeb and most will also be using Microsoft Teams for online lectures. Some courses will require other applications and we will write to you and your parents detailing what is required.

The use of social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Houseparty are   strictly prohibited.

Will I receive any physical resources?
Many courses will be sending textbooks and workbooks to you via mail. In addition, some courses will send you items required for practical assessments, e.g. mannequin heads.

How will my practical assessments take place?
Box Hill Institute is working with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to remain flexible with regards to practical assessments. Depending on circumstances, we may reschedule assessment tasks, set up substitute tasks, or assess during online classes.

How do I complete my Structured Workplace Learning?
Courses that require structured workplace learning are developing a number of contingency plans to assist students. This may involve a reduction in the hours required, block programs during school holidays or even in November (post school exams). Each course will keep you up-to-date with their evolving plans.

What is expected of me in online classes?
An online class is no different to a physical class when it comes to our student code of conduct. Please ensure the following:

  • You are punctual when attending an online class
  • You are wearing appropriate clothing and in an appropriate setting when participating via webcam
  • You speak, act and write as if you were in a normal class
  • You respect the rights and privacy of others
  • You follow the instructions of your teachers at all times
  • You do not record the content of lessons as copyright laws may apply

Additional Information
I will send regular updates to all students, parents and schools as we work together to ensure each student's continuity of learning. As always, if you have any concerns, queries or feedback, please email me at   or call me on (03) 9286 9811.






















Letter from NCAT

(letter to students)


To do this NCAT has set up a Moodle based Learning Management System.


By the first Wednesday of next term (15 th April) your VET teacher will have set up VET classes for you.


You will find your course on the Moodle front page under EXTERNAL VET when you log in.

Please read the announcements section of your individual courses for further details and information.


The URL for Moodle is


Your Username is: <Username>

Password is: <Password>


Upon logging in for the first time you will be asked to change your password. Please record your new password in a safe and easily retrievable location.


Please make sure that you are logged in to Moodle at the normal time that your class starts.

If you have any issues please contact your teacher in the first instance. Depending on how your teacher has set up your course, you may contact them through a forum, chat room or via email.

To contact them via email, go to your Moodle site home and click on your teachers name under the course header.


If you have any problems with emailing your teachers please email

If you forget the Moodle website url go to




















Letter from Kangan Institute



Dear VETIS Co-ordinator

I hope that you are well in these challenging times. I am writing to inform you that VETIS in Term 2 will be delivered to your students via remote learning . It will be a blend of various modes including our on-line learning platform (mylearning), class discussions via bluejeans or zoom, email contact and where necessary hard copies of material.

All of our teaching departments are ready to engage with your students off campus and will provide you and your students with an outline as to how this will done next week. The departments will run weekly classes as per the usual timeslots (only shorter times) and will be available to your students to engage in their learning, monitor progress and answer any questions.

In order for this to work however, the first week of Term 2 will be a preparation week with classes starting the week of the 20 th April 2020.

We are asking ALL VETIS students to make contact with our teachers to check that emails are working, that they can log into our on-line platform from home, and that they have the capacity to learn and engage in their home environment , or in special circumstances in their school environment.

Week commencing Monday 13 th April - the expectation will be that every student MUST:

                Make email contact with the teacher of their class so we have current email addresses on  the system – this email contact will also be marked as an attendance for that week.

  • Attached is every teachers email address for every class. Students MUST email their class teacher before the end of Thursday the 16 th April.
  • Link their personal email and their Kangan Institute/Bendigo TAFE email so at the very least we can reach them via their student email – instructions are included and they need to log into the student portal at

                Check that they can log in and access mylearning or other forms of communication as set by the department (bluejeans/zoom etc).

The BT/KI teaching department will respond to each students email and outline the means in which delivery of classes will take place over the coming weeks with timetables and content for delivery.

Attendance will be marked every week and emailed to the school, as per our arrangements prior to remote learning taking place.

Please share all of this information with your students and their families and encourage them to email their teachers so we can be ready to commence classes the week of the 20 th April 2020.

The VETIS team will also be available to support you and your students and we will work together to provide every student with the best possible outcomes during an unprecedented tim e.



This letter includes two attachment which have been emailed to all schools on 08.04.2020


Letter from William Angliss



Dear Students

As indicated by the Victorian Government Tuesday 7 April (web link attached), term 2 will resume next Wednesday 15 April using on-line delivery mode.

Students who can study from home must study from home. Those students who cannot study from home can attend the Institute where all social distancing measures will be observed, scheduled class times will continue as timetabled.

We understand that students may be anxious about adopting many new participation, learning and assessment methods but we will support everyone as we gain new skills that will be valuable for the future.

We ask that everyone maintain a positive approach and we will get through this.

In preparation we ask that students make arrangements and conduct some home testing now so you are ready (as much as possible) for class next week.

  • Students are requested to download the Zoom app onto their computer and phone to enable them access to class interaction and delivery
  • Students will need a webcam (if no webcam a smartphone can also be used)
  • Students are advised to take a little time to view the Zoom tutorial Join a meeting (1.09sec). Teachers will assist students once connected
  • Your teacher will email you details for accessing the Zoom meeting link
  • There have been no changes to class times. They remain as per the original delivery schedule
  • It is vital students maintain communication with teachers. Ensure your phone and email details are up to date
  • Theory based assessment requirements for units will continue to have due dates which need to be met so we can all stay on track
  • Attendance emails will continue to be sent to school Coordinators
  • An on-line Code of Conduct will be forwarded Tuesday 14 April.

Please communicate with teachers directly for any other class room details

Student support services continue to be available for Learning Advisors and Wellbeing and Counselling services

myWAI ‘ Institute Announcements’ has the latest information available for you should you need some support or assistance.



This letter been sent to students directly


Australian College of Dramatic Arts


Dear Principals and VET Coordinators,

I would like to let you know in detail that the delivery of the VET in Schools 22307VIC Certificate III in Acting (Screen) is able to go online   comfortably.

The college delivers accredited training (RTO 3139) and is regulated by the VRQA and will maintain compliance in all aspects of the delivery of our training and assessment.

Teachers, admin staff and I have held meetings and planning sessions to deliver effective work online.  

Although not ideal to temporarily lose face to face teaching, we have enhanced a number of online avenues we already utilise with students to ensure the delivery of the course is maximised for all students with their class teacher.   We are very confident in maintaining a high-quality delivery of the Acting (Screen) course that will easily satisfy the Standards 2015.     All students   have a hard copy Learners Manual (lesson plans) and workbooks with access to these materials online.    

Part of the components of our training at present are to work remotely with on screen work including using filming platforms for individual practical acting work: self-taping, script exploration, scene-testing and screen test which form just part of what we do.   We have been able to move elements of the course around to operate within the unusual circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We are able to make   modifications to work with more solo work in the development of greater individual skills and knowledge as an actor without compromising the Units of Competency, although students are able to collaborate with each other (and teachers) on project-based work.

As per the Standards 2015 and VRQA requirements assessment tasks must still be adhered to, given reasonable adjustments, and will be marked and recorded in depth.

We have access to professional Industry guest speakers and have a wealth of resources materials already for the students but will also plan for live streaming with the Industry guests.

We   are confident that the course will be delivered to meet the expectations of all students despite the unusual situation.   We   have a   strong   commitment from our student cohort   and we fully intend to deliver the course to meet their expectations. Be reassured that we are able to deliver the course.

We will communicate with individual schools via VET Coordinators and/or Principals to ensure all students have access to devices to enable remote delivery, attendance and assessments.

Please feel free to contact me directly should you wish to discuss in more detail.  

Yours faithfully,

Merilyn Brend Robinson

CEO and Principal Trainer

0413 445 744