As directed by the Victorian Chief Health Officer, from 11.59pm Friday 26 February, face masks are no longer mandatory in all indoor spaces in the broader community. Masks are still required in limited indoor settings, such as public transport, commercial passenger vehicles and large retail settings.

At schools, this means that face masks are no longer mandatory in all indoor spaces for school staff and secondary school students aged 12 or older.

The message from the Premier along with information about the return to COVIDSafe settings can be found here

Requirements for the use of masks are outlined below. Visitors and parents must also observe this guidance.

  • Face masks are recommended, but not mandatory, for use by staff, students and visitors when physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.
  • People aged 12 years and over must always carry a face mask – unless they have a lawful exemption. This includes at school.
  • People aged 12 years and over must wear a face mask when on public transport, school buses and when in taxis or ride share vehicles – unless they have a lawful exemption.
  • There are a number of lawful excuses for not wearing a face mask, including for staff and students who are unable to wear a face mask due to the nature of their disability. This includes students or staff who have a medical condition, such as a breathing problem, a serious skin condition on the face, or a mental health condition.

We will of course respect both the choices of those who wish to or need to wear a mask, along with those who choose not to wear a mask where consistent with government and Department guidelines.

Best regards

Trevor Smith


Back to school tomorrow!

Following the announcement by the Premier today ending the 5 day lockdown, all classes will resume on-site tomorrow, Thursday 18 February.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we have responded to what has so far proved a short and sharp lockdown response.

Students, staff and parents are reminded of the formal requirement to wear masks indoors at all times when at school, and outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

As the Premier said this morning, 'Masks will continue to be a big part of our defence and will be required everywhere indoors except at home – at the supermarket, at the office, at the pub when you’re getting up to pay.

Masks will also be required outside if you can’t physically distance from others. Those other defences – checking in when we’re heading out, washing our hands, keeping our distance – will remain just as critical.

So too will the best protection there is: getting tested if you have any symptom, no matter how mild.

Because as much as far as we’ve come, as much as we’ve achieved, without the full-scale rollout of the vaccine – this virus isn’t going away. 

 In the event that a student forgets to bring or loses their mask, 2 disposable masks can be purchased for $1 at the office. We are awaiting delivery of reusable cloth masks that will be available for $2.

Where students do not have the ready cash for a mask a simple entry will be made on Compass Chronicle to log that a mask has been issued, and can be paid for later. Students are generally encouraged to bring a spare mask to school.

Detailed information about Covid-safe measures at our school are found elsewhere on this Covid-19 Information page and will be updated as further public health or Department advice is confirmed.

Information about government public health restrictions can be found here.

Best regards

Trevor Smith


Dear students, parents and carers, and staff

As a result of the Premier's announcement this afternoon of a five day lockdown in Melbourne, schools will be closed from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 February. Only vulnerable students and the children of essential workers can attend school. 

If this applies to your family, please contact Anthony Avotins at or 0475 961 023 to help our planning and staffing. Students and staff are asked ensure they take home computers and important books/resources in the event that we move to a remote learning context during next week. The school will be open until 5pm today to help facilitate this.

Whilst we are awaiting formal clarification from the Department, we expect there will be no formal online classes next Monday-Wednesday. VCE students are expected to monitor communications from their teacher and ensure they remain up to date with work left on Compass or class wikis. Other year level students should ensure they catch up with any homework or incomplete work.

We are all hopeful that the lockdown period will be short and sharp this time around. We will provide additional information for you as soon as it becomes available.

Best regards

Trevor Smith

Dear students, parents and carers, and staff

Following clarification from the Department late this afternoon, please be aware that learning will continue for these three days using a combination of remote learning programs and/or the provision of learning materials (to the extent possible at short notice).  This will occur at the discretion of the teacher and be communicated via Compass Lesson Plans,   Please be aware that attendance will be recorded based on use of ICT platforms including Compass, Confluence wiki and Zoom, and completion of set tasks.

Hoping to see the return of students and staff on Thursday.

Best regards,

Trevor Smith