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Following the announcement by the Premier today ending the 5 day lockdown, all classes will resume on-site tomorrow, Thursday 18 February.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we have responded to what has so far proved a short and sharp lockdown response.

Students, staff and parents are reminded of the formal requirement to wear masks indoors at all times when at school, and outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

As the Premier said this morning, 'Masks will continue to be a big part of our defence and will be required everywhere indoors except at home – at the supermarket, at the office, at the pub when you’re getting up to pay.

Masks will also be required outside if you can’t physically distance from others. Those other defences – checking in when we’re heading out, washing our hands, keeping our distance – will remain just as critical.

So too will the best protection there is: getting tested if you have any symptom, no matter how mild.

Because as much as far as we’ve come, as much as we’ve achieved, without the full-scale rollout of the vaccine – this virus isn’t going away. 

 In the event that a student forgets to bring or loses their mask, 2 disposable masks can be purchased for $1 at the office. We are awaiting delivery of reusable cloth masks that will be available for $2.

Where students do not have the ready cash for a mask a simple entry will be made on Compass Chronicle to log that a mask has been issued, and can be paid for later. Students are generally encouraged to bring a spare mask to school.

Detailed information about Covid-safe measures at our school are found elsewhere on this Covid-19 Information page and will be updated as further public health or Department advice is confirmed.

Information about government public health restrictions can be found here.

Best regards

Trevor Smith


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