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Dear students, staff, parents and carers

Following the unexpected school closure for the last two weeks of July, to reopen for just one day, and now turning again to remote learning,  there are inevitable and understandable questions about how assessment will occur for senior students, especially those in year 12. With a back log of assessments due to the school closure we are all keen to proceed as soon as reasonably possible with scheduled SACs.

We are all getting accustomed to uncertainty and rapid changes in direction. Whilst it is not yet precisely clear what the advice will be from the VCAA about how schools will proceed with assessments for Unit 4, we understand that the VCAA will provide guidance on this matter very soon.

The government has announced the following education sector, industry specific specific obligations. That  'onsite attendance (is) permitted for completion of mandatory assessments by students and staff'.  This recognises that appropriate authentication of some assessments can only reasonably occur on site. A specific Covid-19 Safety Plan is understood to be required.

Therefore, we expect to conduct most Year 12 SACs onsite, allowing time for students to safely travel to and from school, and to avoid impinging on class learning time for other subjects.

We are intending that all Year 11 assessments will occur remotely under specific conditions to be advised.

This year we implemented a new approach on our wiki and via Compass to the scheduling and communication of assessments. Our aim has been to provide greater oversight, clarity and balance in the timing and calendaring of SACs. It remains our preference to maintain the existing schedule of SACs as closely as is reasonably possible.

Therefore, we expect the  following Year 12 SACs scheduled for this week to go ahead on-site unless we advise otherwise

i.e. English Language, Literature, Further Maths. 

Theatre Studies and Italian SACs will occur remotely.

Students should continue to prepare for these assessments.

However, please understand that we are obliged to wait for the updated Department Operations Guide - expected today - before proceeding with any on-site SAC arrangements.

As soon as we have further concrete advice we will provide it.

Please also be aware that the GAT has been moved to Wednesday October 7 and is anticipated to play a more significant role in moderating student internal assessments than in previous years. Consequently, our Senior School Team is planning additional preparation sessions to ensure students are familiar with the GAT format.

Best regards

Trevor Smith & Dani Crew

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