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What is it and why should I do it?

Media Studies 3 & 4 is. course that consists of 50% theory and 50% Media Production work. In Year 12 you will study two units of theory:

Narrative & Ideology - Here we look at and analyse various elements of two feature length fiction films. This SAC is worth 10% of the total mark.

Media Agency & Control  - Here we look at an overview of Media communication theories and case studies, and evaluate the types of Media regulation we have in Australia. We also analyse legal and ethical issues of two media-related case studies. This SAC is worth 10% of the total mark.

In year 12 Media you are also expected to research, plan and produce an individual media production in one of the following media forms:

  • Film
  • Animation
  • Photographic Series
  • Print (Magazine or Zine)
  • Podcast

The media production is worth 40% of the total mark.

Exam - The exam will include a section on narrative & ideology, a section on Media Agency & Control and a section on your own individual media production process. The exam is worth 40% of the total mark.

How much homework/study will I have?

All Unit 3 and 4 subjects require 3-5 hours of study per week.

You will receive some homework for the theory units. Most of your homework will be related to the research, planning and production of your individual folio/ Media production.

What contributes to my study score?

Narrative & Ideology SAC - 10%

Media Agency & Control SAC - 10%

Media production - 40%

Exam - 40%

How do I satisfactorily complete the unit?

To pass any VCE unit you need to demonstrate that you have met the Outcomes.

Written classwork, written SACs, Media Pre-Production folio, Media Production final.

Give me all the details I want to know more:

VCAA Media Studies

PHSC Media Studies 3&4 Wiki Page

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