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What is it and why should I do it?

Studying Legal Studies is about much more than being a lawyer! It explores human nature, social issues, politics, government and ethics. You will learn about who makes our laws and how this is done. It will hopefully challenge your views on right and wrong and what constitutes justice.

You will return to the two major areas of the law - criminal prosecutions and civil dispute resolutions. If you have successfully completed year 11 Legal you will be well placed to move forward with your knowledge of key terminology and concepts. 

Unit 4 sees the introduction of new material. We examine the Constitution and how it regulates the parliament and lawmaking and empowers individuals to assert their rights. We will look at several important High Court cases to see how this happens. And then finally we finish off with looking at the interplay between parliament, courts and the community and look at how legal reform can occur. We get to look at interesting and contemporary areas of reform - medicinal cannabis, assisted dying, reforms to legal processes etc.

Legal Studies students are engaged in analytic thinking, ethical reasoning and social and political analysis. All of what we learn expands our understanding of how society works and our role and rights within it.

How much homework/study will I have?

All Unit 3 and 4 subjects require 3-5 hours of study per week.

Most of your homework consists of writing short answer responses to the key knowledge areas we are studying that week.  There are also revision questions to do for each PowerPoint which are self corrected. Students need to be revising content regularly and using revision cards, Quizlet or a dedicated summary book. 

What contributes to my study score?

5 SACs and an end of year exam

Sac 1 a– The Victorian criminal justice system - key concepts 

Sac 1 b - The Victorian criminal justice system -determining a criminal case (both parts 12.5% in total)

Sac 2 –   The Victorian civil justice system - key concepts and resolving a civil dispute (12.5%)

Sac 3 – The people and the Australian Constitution  12.5%

Sac 4 – The people, the Parliament and the courts 12.5%

Exam – 2 hours 50%

How do I satisfactorily complete the unit?

To pass any VCE unit you need to demonstrate that you have met the Outcomes.

In Legal Studies you meet the Outcomes primarily through completion of coursework, participation in class discussion, your results in quizzes (which tell you how you are going but don’t count towards your study score) as well as SACs. In Legal the SACS are all done under exam conditions and contain two parts - A which generally comprises shorter answers, and B which requires a response to stimulus materials.

Give me all the details - I want to know more:

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