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 VET VCE Subjects (Vocational Education and Training)

Princes Hill Secondary College includes vocational studies in the senior curriculum program. The College is a member of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC) that offers twenty-five VCE VET subjects to students. Students enrol through the IMVC into these subjects.

VCE VET subjects that have scored assessment count towards the VCE certificate like any other subject. If a subject is unscored (no examination) the subject will attract a block credit score of 10% of the average of the primary four. Students attend VET classes at the campuses of various inner Melbourne schools. Classes are generally on Wednesday morning or afternoon. The College will run VET Digital Media units 1-4 and VET Hospitality units 1-2 on campus in 2012. All other VET subjects are off campus.

 VET in the VCE allows students to combine vocational studies with their general education curriculum. The VET component of their studies gives them credit towards nationally recognised VET qualifications at Certificate II or III level.

Many VET subjects require students to complete Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) during some holiday breaks. This SWL provides on-the-job experience as part of the recognised vocational

A handbook of VET courses offered in 2015 will be distributed to all Year 10 students. Year 11 students can access information about the VET subjects from the IMVC website at, or general information on VET in the VCE at

 What are the advantages of doing VET while at school?

   You will develop the skills and knowledge wanted by employers, increasing your employment opportunities

   You can explore possible areas of interest which may assist when making decisions about further study and career choices.

   It may make school more fun because you can see how learning is relevant to what you will actually do when you finish school.

   On satisfactory completion, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification (Certificate) or if partially completed, a Statement of Attainment of units completed.

VET Handbook

Information about VET subjects can be found in the IMVC VET 2020 Handbook.

VET Subjects

Subject/Certificate NameCertificate CodeFeeOrientation Handbook/letter
Certificate II in Acting (Screen) 1&222070VIC$740 Acting 1&2.doc
Certificate III in Acting (Screen) 3&4 22072VIC$930  Acting 3&4.doc
Certificate II in Agriculture

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance HLT32412 $435 Allied Health 2014/Allied Health.doc

Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design & Technology and

  selected units from LMT31407 Certificate III units

 LMT21707/LMT31407 $430 Applied Fashion 2014

Certificate II in Automotive Studies - General 22015VIC $450 Auto 2014/Auto - general.doc
Certificate II in Aviation   (Flight Operations) - Cabin Crew

Certificate II in Building   & Construction - Carpentry 22216VIC$470  Bldg & Const 2014/Bldg & Const - Carpentry.doc

Certificate II in Business with selected units from Certificate III

 BSB20112/BSB30112 $968 Business 2014/Business.doc

Certificate II in Community Recreation and selected units from Certificate III

Certificate II in Community Services and selected units from

Certificate II in Community Services Work & Children’s Services

Certificate II in Creative Industries - Media (Broadcasting)

  and selected units from Certificate III in Media

 CUF20107/CUF30107 $400

 Creative Ind Media&Bcasting 2014

Creative Ind - B'casting.doc

Certificate II in Creative Industries - Media 1st year (Media focus)

 CUF20107 $400 Creative Ind - Media.doc
Certificate II in Dance

Certificate II in Engineering   Studies 22019VIC $500 Engineering.doc
Certificate II in Equine Industry 21908VIC$1550  Equine.doc
Certificate II in Furniture Making and selected units from Certificate III

Certificate II in Hairdressing SIH20111 $430 Hairdressing.doc
Certificate II in Hospitality & Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (Partial) 1&2 SIT20212/SIT20312 $535 Hospitality 1&2.doc
Certificate II in Kitchen Operations 3&4 SIT20312 $650 Kitchen Ops.doc

Certificate II in Information

Technology (partial completion)

 ICA30111 $350 Info Tech.doc

Certificate II in Integrated Technologies (formerly Electro technology)

Certificate II In Retail Make-Up and Skin Care Services SIB20110 $625 Ret Makeup&skin care.doc
Certificate III Media CUF30107 $300Cert III Media.doc 
Certificate III in Music (Performance)

Certificate III in Music Industry - Technical Production CUS30209 $300 Tech Prod 2014
Certificate II in Retail

Certificate II in Outdoor RecreationSIS20210$905

 Outdoor Rec.doc

VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning)

VCAL students MUST do a VET VCE subject as part of their VCAL.

SBAs (School Based Apprenticeships)

These are part-time apprenticeships. Students are paid as they train. The SBAs also contribute units to the VCE or the VCAL. Students spend one to two days per week (or 12-15 hours per week) at the work place or in training. Students must apply as soon as possible to register their interest (please visit the Careers Office).

VCE students must choose subjects for 2012 as if they have not applied for an SBA in case they do not get the SBA. VCAL students must include an SBA as part of their program.

Examples of SBAs that could be taken are:

Certificate II Agriculture

Certificate II Hospitality
Certificate II Automotive
Certificate II Retail
Certificate II Business

Certificate II Cabinet Making

Certificate II Floor & Wall Tiling
Certificate II Sports Coaching
Certificate II Warehousing
Certificate III Floor Covering
Certificate III Childcare

Students should see the Careers staff to collect SBA information. 

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