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What is it and why should I do it?

Unit One is titled Ideas, Actors and Power, and focuses on the Australian system of government and democracy . Comparisons with other systems of government are drawn and different political philosophies are considered. Unit Two, titled Global Connections,  moves onto the international arena. This unit covers such contemporary global challenges as Climate Change, Human Rights, Conflict and Terrorism. This subject will enable students to engage with key political, economic and social issues, to understand how power is used, and to become better informed citizens and voters. The ability to analyse different political perspectives, and to develop independent and critical thinking skills, are key aims of this course.

Click here to watch Mr Treloar speak to Matthew Bannon about Australian & Global Politics.

What will I do in class?

Classes will involve a range of tasks from discussions and presentations through to a range of formal written responses. Contemporary issues and challenges will be a focus. Class discussions and the use of a range of media is encouraged. 

How much homework will I have?

Several hours of homework per week is anticipated and will generally take the form of individual research on political issues, the  completion of set questions and the preparation for upcoming SACs. 

How do I satisfactorily complete the unit?

Assessment will involve several essays/research projects, both formal and informal presentations and the completion of tests to demonstrate one's understanding of key concepts covered. . 

Give me all the details I want to know more:

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