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  • Junior School - Year 8 Semester 2 Electives

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titleThe Band


This class is all about playing in a band! We’ll put together bands of 4 - 6 students to learn, rehearse, and perform music from a variety of different styles including: Rock, Blues, Funk, R ‘n B, and Pop. We will also study famous live performances from artists such as Queen, Beyonce, Midnight Oil, and John Butler to understand how bands/musicians put on a show and interact on stage.

By the end of the semester, all students will perform and record a set of music!

Please note: it is expected that you already learn an instrument when you choose this subject.




In this elective students will learn about:

  • the properties of timber
, Design
  • design communication
  • via design
  • and plan drawings
) and
  • how to design and construct a small item of furniture.

Students will be required to:

Produce a design folio (A3 sketch pad) containing notes, design drawings, plans and production plans. Understand workshop safety. Learn how to mark-out correctly. Safely

  • understand workshop safety and use a range of hand and power tools to produce various joinery methods.
  • produce a
range of joinery methods. Assembly
  • design folio containing the components of the design process such as the investigation, notes and sketches on project ideas, design drawings and production plans.

Students will work with assembly and finishing techniques including a range of decorative

techniques. Students will take home and use the item of furniture they have designed and produced

options in order for the project to have both, a functional and aesthetic aspect to take home.