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  • Middle School - Core Subjects (Year 9)

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This course consists of three strands: Language, Literature and Literacy. Students will read a range of texts, including novels and film texts, write for a range of audiences and purposes, contribute to class forums and prepare more structured oral presentations. Assessment is based on a range of tasks set by the teacher throughout the year, including text responses, creative writing, persuasive writing, creation of a magazine, prepared speeches and debating. The implementation of The Australian Curriculum in 2014 will bring some changes to our course. Students will details that students will study the three interconnected strands of language, literature and literacy. There will also be a focus on the creation and analysis of texts as outlined by the Australian Curriculum. For a detailed description please visit

Students are expected to do at least 2 hours per week of home study. This will include the completion of tasks begun in class, working on extended tasks, and reading.