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titleYear 11 to 12 Promotion Policy

In order to complete the VCE in two years, a minimum of eight units (including at least one unit of English) must be satisfactorily completed in Year 11. With eight units, promotion to Year 12 is automatic. If only four to seven units have been satisfactorily completed, students will negotiate with the coordinators the most appropriate path, e.g. completing VCE over three years. 

titleAssessment (Units 3 and 4)

All studies have both school assessment and examination(s). School-assessed coursework (SAC) is made up of a number of assessment tasks that are specified in the study design. School-assessed coursework is part of the regular teaching and learning program and must be completed in class time within a limited time frame.

A small number of studies have school-assessed tasks (SAT). These are used in studies where products and models are assessed (e.g. Art, Visual Communication, etc.).

SACs and SATs form part of the Study Score for the unit, along with examination results. SATsand SACs are marked by the class teacher.  SAT and SAC marks are reported to the VCAA and the results form part of the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank - with rankings up to 99.95). The remaining part of your ATAR is comprised of your exam results.