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titleVisual Art, Design Technology, Performing Arts and Physical Education

Key Learning AreaLessons per weekYears 7 & 8

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Design Technology


Students will study a through a rotation o two subjects from Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Design Technology Studies for a semester.

Over a three semester rotation the fourth semester will be elective based.

In Junior School  Design Technology / Performing Arts / Visual Art is a two year rotation program.

This rotation program is designed as an introduction to the Design Technology, Performing Arts and Visual Arts areas during the student's first two years at secondary college.  Each subject is of semester duration (half year) for three semesters. The fourth semester (Year 8 Semester 2) is elective based and students will have an opportunity to select their subjects.

Over the two years in junior school students will experience working in most of the following areas: Ceramics, Paint, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Wood, Metal, Textiles, Food, Glass, Drama and Music. 

Physical Education, Sport and Health4

Students study two periods of Sport and two periods of Physical Education per week. (One period of Health is taught in Term 3).