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The Design Technology Studio/Workshop areas are Food, Glass, Metal, Textiles and Wood. Students will investigate and develop design solutions through the particular lens of a material based studio/workshop approach. The use of a range of tools and equipment to develop skills and techniques will be undertaken with the consideration of health and safety aspects of the studio and materials used. In Design Technology studio areas investigating, designing, producing, analysing and evaluating are all critical components.

The following elective subjects are available in the Design Technology stream:

titleCostume Making

Students will investigate, design, produce and evaluate costume making in the areas of their own interest. Documentation of this process will include fashion sketching and digital documentation. Students will complete a research project on a costume designer of their own choice. This graded research project will be recorded on the students' end of semester report, including continuous assessment of the design process, skill development and their completed costume,

Students will need to purchase an A4 plastic pocket display book, fabric, thread, notions such as zips and possibly a commercial pattern. This will vary according to the student’s interests and skill level.