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The SAC's run throughout the first three terms, and are outlined as follows;

  1. Unit Unit 3 OUTCOME 1: Photosynthesis investigations
    A report related to two practical activities from a logbook of practical activities (based on photosynthesis).

  2. Unit 3 OUTCOME 2: Immunology investigation
    A graphic organiser outlining the immunological pathway of a chosen disease.

  3. Unit 4 OUTCOME 1: Report on evolutionary change
    An analysis of secondary data to explain changes in a population due to evolutionary pressures.

  4. Unit 4 OUTCOME 2: Laboratory report of genetic engineering
    A scientific report analysing the outcome of the student conducted engineering of bacterial colonies to express a fluorescence gene.

  5. Unit 4 OUTCOME 3: Enzyme extended investigation
    Design and undertake an investigation related to cellular processes and/or biological change and continuity over time, and present methodologies, findings and conclusions in a scientific poster (related to enzymes). 


  • Engage in class discussions, experiments, and class based activities
  • Complete interactive notes (provided in class and on wiki) on a weekly basis
  • Satisfactorily engage in the SAC tasks OR demonstrate content knowledge through the completion of Biozone exercises. 

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