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titleDesign Technology

In the overall educational needs of students the following subjects make a unique contribution to the students' knowledge and awareness of themselves and their world.

The Design Technology Studio areas are Food, Glass, Metal, Textiles and Wood. Students will investigate and develop design solutions through the particular lens of a material based studio approach. The use of a range of tools and equipment to develop skills and techniques will be undertaken with the consideration of health and safety aspects of the studio and materials used. In Design Technology studio areas investigating, designing, producing, analysing and evaluating are all critical components.

Junior School  Design Technology / Performing Arts / Visual Art  is a two year rotation program.

This rotation program is designed as an introduction to the Design Technology, Performing Arts and Visual Arts areas during the student's first two years at secondary college.  Each subject is of semester duration (half year) for three semesters. The fourth semester (Year 8 Semester 2) is elective based and students will have an opportunity to select their subjects.

Over the two years in junior school students will experience working in most of the following areas: Ceramics, Paint, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Wood, Metal, Textiles, Food, Glass, Drama and Music. 

titleSubject Offerings

Note that the actual subjects provided may vary depending on staffing and organisational constraints.

Financial Arrangements

The Education allowance and the materials levy (on the booklist) provide for the purchase of basic Arts and Technology materials but they cannot cover the full cost of some of the materials used.  Therefore, in some areas of study it may be necessary to purchase, or contribute to the cost of, materials and items necessary for the study of Art and Design Technology.   (See individual units of study for further details)

titleSubject Costs

A sketch book will also be needed for all Visual Art and Design Technology studies; this is on the booklist.

For subjects such as Wood and Metal Technology, students are expected to contribute to the cost of materials specified in the voluntary contributions document.