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titleHow does a student gain an 'S' for a unit?

Teachers will determine a set variety of assessment tasks to provide a range of opportunities for students to complete. These tasks will address a series of outcomes demonstrate the key knowledge and key skills in the outcomes in each unit. These outcomes are specified in each subject's study design set by the VCAA.  Each VCE unit includes a set of outcomes.  Achievement of the outcomes is based on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s performance on tasks designated for the unit. These series of tasks can include the (but are not restricted to) SACs and SATS. The students will be awarded an 'S' for a unit when:

  1. The work meets the required standard as described in the Study Design, and all required course work has been completed.
  2. The work has been submitted on time.
  3. The work is clearly the student’s own.
  4. There has been no serious breach of rules, including attendance rules.