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titleRestrictions on studies in the ATAR

Only one of the following combinations can be used in the best six (that is, in the calculation of the ATAR):

   English/English as an Additional Language (EAL)

   Chinese (FL)/Chinese (SL)/Chinese (SL Advanced)

   Indonesian (FL)/Indonesian (SL) 

   Japanese (FL)/Japanese (SL) 

   Korean (FL)/Korean (SL)

   Mathematical Methods/Mathematical Methods (CAS).

In each of the study areas of English, Mathematics, History, Contemporary Australian Studies, Information Technology, Languages and Music:

   at most two results can contribute to the primary four

   at most three results can contribute to the ATAR, whether they are VCE results, Higher Education study results, or VET results.

The subjects included in these study areas are those listed in the VICTER guide. 

titleSchool-assessed coursework

School-assessed coursework (SAC) has to take place in class time. Therefore, students must attend school for their SAC sessions.

The following rules will apply if a student is absent from a SAC session.

a.        If they were away and have a medical certificate they will be considered for Special Provision. The student will be given an opportunity to undertake a task at another time to be negotiated between the

 student, teacher and VCE Coordinator.

b.       If they do not have a medical certificate, they will get a zero for that SAC.

c.        If a student misses part of a SAC, and has a medical certificate, consideration will be given for the time lost.

d.       If a student misses part of a SAC, but does not have a medical certificate, consideration will not be given for time lost, and the work will be marked as presented.

e.       If a situation of extreme illness or hardship develops, other forms of Special Provision will be applied and other arrangements made.