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titleAttendance policy

The PHSC VCE Attendance policy was developed to fulfil VCAA requirements ( 

  1. For each semester-length unit the following attendance policy applies: The maximum number of lessons a student can miss from any VCE unit is twelve. To meet the unit outcomes students are required to complete work in class so teachers can verify and authenticate their work. Students who exceed the permitted absence rate of twelvewill immediately be given an ‘unsatisfactory completion.'If a student breaches this limit, they cannot pass the unit.  

       2.There are two types of absence in VCE.

I. An explained absence is where a medical certificate is provided or parents have notified of absence. If a student misses a sac they must have medical certificate.

II. An unexplained absence is where the student has either arrived significantly late to class or has not attended class and no parental explanation is given. This is in effect truanting. The student will be required to attend a detention after school on Friday afternoon.

      3.  In VCE it is very important that family holidays should ONLY be arranged during scheduled school holidays.  

      4.  When a student is absent from school for prolonged periods, or has been unable to complete all assessment tasks because of illness or other special circumstances, the school may, upon application from the student, grant Special Provision for School-based Assessments. In this case, the student will not be penalised for lack of attendance.

      5. If a student is absent on a day when they have a SAC in one of their subjects, they MUST provide a medical certificate to explain their absence, If they cannot provide this, the SAC will not be assessed therefore receiving and receive no score for their SAC 

Parents should check Compass regularly to view their child's attendance to ensure they are complying with the above policy.