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The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) advises schools to ensure the continuity of learning and delivery of assessment. This information outlines how Princes Hill Secondary College plans to deliver some assessments remotely. As we continue to receive direction from VCAA, these guidelines may change and we will continue to update students and parents.

VCE students are reminded of their obligation to follow VCAA and school rules regarding school-based assessments under test conditions. 'A student undertaking assessment under test conditions as part of School-based Assessment in Units 1 to 4 must comply with VCAA examination rules.' - VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2021, VCAA.

Remote Assessment Guidelines

  • Staff will notify students of upcoming SAC dates via the Compass Events on the student Compass Schedule.
  • Assessments will be held during the normal timetabled period of the subjects or, when there are multiple classes, after school hours.
  • Students are encouraged to monitor their Compass Schedule and use their planner to record the date and time of their SACs.
  • Students should also check Compass Lesson Plan/Class Newsfeed and Learning Tasks.
  • If a student is absent and does not complete the SAC during the designated time, they will need to send a medical certificate the class teacher & coordinator within 24 hours to approve their absence.
  • If their absence is approved the teacher will contact the student to reschedule the SAC at the next available time-refer to SAC Reschedule

For all VCE Unit Outcomes it is very important that teachers are able to authenticate student work. Students are required to declare the authenticity of their work. 

If any part or all of the work cannot be authenticated it will be considered a potential breach of VCAA rules and be investigated. The work will need to be repeated on-site.

Authentication Process

  • Students must review the Declaration of Authenticity below and will be required to commit to this for each SAC they complete.
  • At the end of each Remote SAC, students will include a Declaration of Authenticity on the Compass Learning Task along their submitted work.
  • If the teacher suspects that the work submitted by the student cannot be authenticated, they will report it to the Senior school team who will investigate.
  • If a student has breached the conditions or the VCAA VCE Rules for Authentication by plagiarising or cheating, there will be an investigation (see Breach of Rules section below) and consequences for the student.

Declaration of Authenticity

I declare that this SAC is entirely my work and has been completed according to the stated requirements.

I understand that any breach of these conditions or the VCE rules for assessment will put me at risk of receiving an ‘N’ or no score for the task.

I also understand that the result achieved on this assessment task will be validated when schools return which could impact the score derived for the outcome this task assesses.

 Preparing for a Remote Assessment

The preparation and set-up for a Remote Assessment is very important to the smooth running of the SAC/Assessment and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure adequate time and thought goes into their set-up

 In the lead up to a Remote Assessment students should know the rules for conduct of a Remote Assessment as described in the Rules section below.


  • Choose a suitable location free from distractions to complete assessment.
  • Notify their family when they have an assessment so they are not disrupted.
  • Complete the assessment at a desk (or something that closely resembles this) and sit in a comfortable chair.
  • Test working space set-up so that laptop can be used to show full working space - note that a secondary device/phone can also be used to show working space provided it can run Zoom and can clearly show the entire working space.
  • Students should prepare their workspace 30 minutes prior to the scheduled Writing Time for the Remote Assessment.

See FAQ - How do I set-up my workspace for the SAC?


Students must:

  • Ensure they only have the equipment permitted for the assessment on their desk.
  • Ensure that printer (if to be used) has paper and is operating correctly (a test 24 hours prior to SAC is recommended).

  • Ensure they have lined blank paper (individual sheets - not a workbook) available for writing the assessment.
  • Have a fully charged laptop plugged into power source with internet connection (a test 24 hours prior to SAC to ensure the Zoom application is functional and Compass is accessible).

  • It is recommended that students have a mouse (wireless preferred) attached to their laptop that will allow for single hand control of viewing the SAC and applying Zoom controls.
 Remote Assessment Procedures

Remote Assessments will be delivered with the use of a Compass Learning Task and a Zoom Meeting. The procedures for a Remote SAC/Assessment are as follows:

  1. Students will be provided with SAC details/timeline and the Zoom meeting link at least 48 hours before the scheduled SAC. This information will be published on the Compass Lesson Plan (where a SAC is conducted in normal class time) or via a Compass Class Newsfeed (where the SAC is conducted out of normal class time). See FAQ - What is the typical Remote SAC Timeline?
  2. Students should log into Compass and go to their Class Learning Task list prior to the Zoom/Compass Join Time.

  3. At the Zoom/Compass Join Time students should join the Zoom meeting using the link in the Compass Lesson Plan/Class Newsfeed. Note that the Zoom session for the Remote SAC will be recorded.
  4. The SAC Supervisor will check the Zoom view to ensure that the student workspace is appropriately set up, that the Zoom view covers the student workspace and that only the permitted materials are present in the workspace (Smartphone should be put in silent mode and placed out of reach for the student but visible in the workspace and ready for scanning at the SAC Writing End Time).
  5. Once accessible, the student should download the SAC materials and either send to their printer or bring up the materials on the device screen. Students may leave the room once for a short period to collect a print out of the SAC.
  6. Students should read the SAC instructions provided on the Compass Learning Task description.
  7. Once ready to start the SAC, students should ensure that their Zoom microphone is muted and that they are sitting ready with the printed SAC in front of them (or showing on the screen of their device and blank lined paper in front of them).

  8. Students must complete the SAC with the Zoom view on their workspace at all times, the Zoom microphone should be muted. See FAQ - What if I want to ask a question during a SAC?
  9. After the SAC Supervisor announces the SAC Writing End Time, students are required to scan the SAC into a single PDF document using their Smartphone. See FAQ - How do I scan my SAC to a PDF?
  10. The Remote SAC must be submitted before the end of the Upload SAC/Declaration Time. Responses submitted after this time will not be accepted and the student will receive 0 score. See FAQ - How do I upload my SAC to the Compass Learning Task?
  11. Once the SAC is uploaded, students must access the Declaration of Authenticity on the Compass Learning Task details and copy/paste the statement into the Learning Task Conversation to acknowledge adherence. See FAQ - How do I submit my Declaration of Authenticity?

Alternative Remote SAC Procedures

The above set of procedures are a general guide for the conduct of Remote SACs. Teachers may establish variations on these procedures as deemed appropriate for the type of assessment task and content being assessed. Teachers will outline the any specific variations or procedures for each SAC on the Compass Lesson Plan/Class Newsfeed/Learning Task.

  1. No student may cheat or assist another student to cheat or take any action that gives or attempts to give them an unfair advantage in a Remote Assessment.
  2. Students must be on Zoom for the entire duration of the Remote Assessment.
  3. Students must not leave their workspace (unless retrieving a print out during the set-up time or after obtaining approval from the SAC Supervisor)
  4. Students must obey and observe all proper instructions or directions given by the SAC Supervisor.
  5. Students must not have other tabs/applications/services open on devices or communicate with anyone during the assessment (unless asking a question - see FAQ - What if I want to ask a question during a SAC?
  6. Students must not access or use the keyboard of their device at any point during writing time of the SAC unless instructed by the SAC Supervisor.
  7. Students must only use the mouse/touchpad of their device with a single hand to either adjust/respond to Zoom Meeting controls and/or scroll the SAC document (where applicable).
  8. Students must complete the copy and paste of the Declaration of Authenticity at the end of the assessment using the Compass Learning Task conversation.
  9. Smartphones/watches must not be used during the writing time of the assessment. Smart Watches should not be worn and must be placed in another room.
  10. Students must not use a mobile/smart phone or electronic device to cheat or gain an unfair advantage. The SAC Supervisor will report any suspicions of a student using a device or not following instructions.
  11. Mobile/Smartphone should be placed out of reach and in silent mode, but in the working space so that it can be clearly viewed on Zoom.
  12. Students must not communicate with any person in their house or other student while the Remote assessment is being conducted.
  13. Students must not cause any nuisance, annoyance or interference to any other student while in a Remote assessment.
  14. No food should be present in your working space or consumed during the Remote assessment. Students may have a filled water bottle (transparent container).
  15. If a student wishes to talk to the SAC Supervisor they will follow the instructions outlined in the FAQ - What if I want to ask a question during a SAC?
  16. It is the responsibility of the student to immediately notify the SAC Supervisor if the correct assessment has not been provided or if the SAC has missing pages or an error.
  17. Students must not begin the Remote assessment, or use a calculator, until advised by the SAC Supervisor that Writing Time has commenced.
  18. Students must cease writing when the Writing End Time is announced and upload work by the set time. Late uploads will not be assessed with a score unless approved by the Sub school leader.
  19. When students complete the SAC Upload and Declaration of Authenticity, they must remain silent and seated in their place with Zoom still running until all students materials have been uploaded. Student may only leave the Zoom meeting when the SAC Supervisor confirms that it is acceptable to do so.
  20. Other subject specific rules could apply as determined and communicated by the Learning Area/Teacher and these will be outlined in the Compass Lesson Plan/Class Newsfeed.
  21. If students have technical issues at any point during the assessment, they must report this immediately to the SAC Supervisor and follow instructions as advised.
 Breach of Rules

Breaches of the rules will be considered an infringement of VCAA assessment rules and guidelines and will be investigated as per VCAA requirements. The investigations will be conducted by the Senior Sub school Leader, Assistant Principal and/or Principal and subsequent penalties will occur as determined by the Principal.

 SAC Reschedule
  • If a student is absent and does not complete the SAC during the designated time, they will need to send a medical certificate the class teacher & coordinator within 24 hours to approve their absence.
  • If their absence is approved the teacher will contact the student to reschedule the SAC at the next available time.
  • The SAC Reschedule will be an alternative but comparable task.
  • The SAC Reschedule will be conducted remotely.

Remote Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 How do I set-up my workspace for the SAC?

Students are required to configure a workspace set up for Remote SACs that will allow the SAC Supervisor to view the entire student workspace. In cases where the student has access to a printer and will be printing the SAC, a single device can be used at the edge of the desk/table or on a nearby bookshelf to provide the required view of the workspace. It is suggested to elevate the device and tilt the screen forward to provide the required workspace view for the SAC Supervisor.

In cases where a student does not have access to a printer, they will be viewing the SAC on their device. If possible it is recommended that students in this situation attempt to borrow a second device which may be either a smartphone or preferably another household laptop. One device can be used to host the Zoom meeting and show the workspace, while the other device can be used to view the SAC. Note that in this configuration it is important that the Zoom view show the screen of the device being used to present the SAC.

If students cannot arrange a second device, then a single device will be used for both the Zoom workspace view as well as viewing the SAC. This will require careful placement of the device to ensure that the Zoom view still provides a full view of the workspace, but the student can also see the SAC on the screen. It is critical that students using this approach practice their set-up a day in advance of the SAC.

 What is the typical Remote SAC timeline?

While all SACs may vary based on the type of assessment task, the content being assessed and the particular requirements for the subject, a typical SAC timeline might be as shown below. Note that the actual timeline for the SAC will be published by the teacher in the Compass Lesson Plan/Class Newsfeed prior to the SAC. The timeline below is indicative only.

  • Zoom/Compass Join Time - this is the time that students must join the Zoom meeting and have Compass up and ready in their device browser. It will usually be 15 minutes in advance of SAC Writing time
  • SAC Download Available Time - this is when the assessment task/document will be made available through a Compass Learning Task made available for all classes sitting the SAC. This is usually 10 minutes in advance of the SAC Writing time. Once the SAC materials are available for download, students should download to their local device asap. If the student has a printer available they may send the document to the printer and leave the room during this 10 minute period to retrieve the print out. If students do not have a printer available, they will launch the SAC on their device and make sure it is visible on screen, while also providing Zoom view of their workspace.

  • Reading Start Time - (if applicable) students will be instructed by the SAC Supervisor to read through the SAC, but may not write anything until instructed to commence writing.
  • Writing Start Time - students will be instructed by the SAC Supervisor to commence writing on paper (this may be the printed SAC where printer is available or blank lined paper if no printer available).
  • Writing End Time - students will be instructed by SAC  Supervisor to cease writing and place all pens out of reach
  • Upload SAC/Declaration Time - the student will now have a window of time (10 minutes) in which they must use their Smartphone to scan a single PDF file image of the SAC they have completed and upload it to the Compass Learning Task for the SAC. Finally, once the student has validated the uploaded file they will copy and paste a Declaration of Authenticity from the Learning Task Details into the Conversation of the Learning Task.The upload ability will switched off by the SAC Supervisor at the end of this allocated time.
 What if I want to ask a question during a SAC?

The student is permitted to have their Zoom microphone on in the lead up to the SAC Writing Start Time. However, students are encouraged to turn their microphone off unless they have set up issues or questions for the SAC Supervisor. Students are also permitted to unmute and user their microphone if they have questions or issues after the SAC Writing End Time.

If a student has a question during the SAC writing time they should:

  • Use a single hand to control the mouse for their Zoom device and click on Participants > Raise Hand
  • This will prompt the SAC Supervisor to use Chat and provide approval for the student to use the keyboard of their device and write a question using chat (they will only be permitted to chat with the SAC Supervisor).
  • The SAC Supervisor will address the question and then instruct the student to cease use of the keyboard and will lower the student hand in Zoom
  • Students should NOT unmute and use their voice during a SAC unless they have previously used the Raise Hand feature and got no response within a reasonable time (say 2 minutes).
 How do I scan my SAC to a single PDF?

After the SAC Supervisor announces the SAC Writing End Time, students are required to scan the SAC into a single PDF document using their Smartphone . See How do I create a pdf of my work to share with others for instructions on how to scan pages into a single PDF.

Once scanned, students must then forward the PDF from the Smartphone to their device; this may be achieved using an email transfer or other file transfer protocols.

 How do I upload my SAC to the Compass Learning Task?

At the conclusion of the SAC, students must upload their SAC single PDF to the Compass Learning Task. Watch the following short video to see how this is done.

Once loaded, students should access the uploaded document from the Compass Learning Task to confirm that it has all the content/pages and is legible. Failure to provide the upload and confirm its contents will result in mark reductions for the SAC should the teacher not be able to access the PDF, it is incomplete or illegible.

 How do I submit my Declaration of Authenticity?

At the conclusion of the Remote SAC students should have uploaded their SAC PDF and must make a Declaration of Authenticity. The short video below shows how students should use the Compass Learning Task Conversation to record their Declaration of Authenticity.

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