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Students should use this page to understand the plans and approaches for remote and flexible learning. Specific details for each class will be provided by your class teacher using the Compass Lesson Plan. The information below will assist students understand expectations and their responsibilities when undertaking remote and flexible learning. Further support and information for students can be found on the Learning From Home page.


During the period where Princes Hill Secondary College is delivering remote and flexible learning, it is expected that students will:


  • Meet the student responsibilities outlined by the Department of Education here.
  • Students should spend some time to establish a space for learning that is quiet and comfortable; have a bottle of water nearby but avoid having food in your learning space
  • Complete tasks with integrity and academic honesty and doing their best work.
  • Continue to complete high quality work.
  • Spend a similar amount of time on each subject as they are expected to when at school.
  • Communicate proactively with their teachers i.e. if you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, ask!
  • Do their best to meet timelines, commitments and due dates and communicate about this with their teacher.
  • Collaborate and support their classmates in their learning.
  • Abide by Princes Hill Secondary College behaviour guidelines; behave as would be expected of you in the normal classroom environment
  • Remove your phone from the learning environment to minimise distractions.
  • Behave responsibly, respectfully and safely at all times online, consistent with the school's ICT Acceptable Use Agreement and Department Digital Technologies Policy
  • Ensure appropriate preparation and conduct for Video Conferencing sessions (such as using Zoom), including:
    • Have your laptop/computer ready, charged and logged in with appropriate software loaded.
    • Be appropriately dressed and situated for video sessions taking consideration of the background of room.
    • Test your camera and microphone prior to the video conference.
    • Use headphones for better quality of sound.
    • Students must use real name in meetings and their own email address. Zoom video cameras must be switched on if required by their teacher. These requirements enhance the security of a zoom session and promote positive interactions.
    • Have a pen and paper readily available for taking notes.
    • Be polite and respectful of others in your language online.
    • Use the mute function on the video conference when not speaking.
  • Make sure you take a recess and lunch break and move away from your computer during these times; try to exercise and be active regularly throughout the day

Accessing Learning and Completing Tasks/Activities

  • Check Compass Lesson Plans for every class, every day - the first Lesson Plan for each subject each week will lay out the week's work expectations, with further detail in following Lesson Plans
  • Participate and engage in scheduled online class sessions using relevant technologies including Zoom (links to Zoom sessions will be included in your Compass Lesson Plan). Note note every session will necessarily have a Zoom video component
  • Monitor digital platforms and communication often to check for announcements and feedback from teachers (refer first to your Lesson Plans)
  • Understand that learning activities and tasks will generally be completed and monitored weekly
  • Complete and submit tasks on time, including via Compass Learning Tasks and other platforms as required by your teacher
  • Submit using preferred file formats - this will generally be a word or  PDF file (see here for a video on how to send work as a PDF)

Remote Learning Tools

The following online tools will be used by Princes Hill Secondary College to deliver remote and flexible learning:

Compass - Lesson Plan & Learning Tasks

  • The Lesson Plan for the very first lesson that week will contain an outline of what is expected for the week.

  • Every timetabled class will have simple instructions in the Lesson Plan about what is expected for that day

  • If you have a Zoom session that day your teacher will include the link in that session's Lesson Plan
    Sometimes more extended or significant tasks may be created by your teacher as Compass Learning Tasks
  • Usually each week you will have a task(s) that is expected to be completed and checked by your class teacher.  Your teacher will tell you how you should submit/show your work. It can happen in a number of ways :
    • You can submit via Compass Learning Tasks
    • You can share your screen with the teacher in a Zoom session

    • You can take a photo/copy the file post it on the wiki or send by email - please use PDF file format wherever possible

School Wiki

  • Activities, class resources will be detailed in the wiki and linked to by your teacher from the Compass Lesson Plan
  • This Remote Learning Page wiki will be available for whole school announcements and general advice - students, parents and teachers can see this page
  • There are a range of features in the wiki your teacher may use that you might not yet be familiar with e.g. the Blog


  • Zoom is the primary video conferencing software to be used for students participating in class activities.
  • The frequency you will use Zoom for lessons will vary by subjects/classes and be decided upon by your teacher.
  • Many students will have already tried using Zoom in the classroom late last term.
  • Your teacher will post a link in the Compass Lesson Plan if you are to use Zoom for a particular class.
  • The first time you use Zoom you will be prompted to download the Zoom application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - For Students

 I have a computer or IT issue. What do I do?

Check the online Help Page for answers to many issues. If you can't find a solution to your issue contact the IT Team using the information on the Learning From Home page and provide lots of detail about your problem.

 I have limited access to the internet. What can I do?

Contact the IT Team via email:

 I'm having difficulty understanding or completing a work task. What should I do?

Contact your subject teacher via email. They will respond to you and organise a convenient time to work through the issue, either via Zoom, a phone call or email.

 Where can I go to get advice on how Zoom works?

The Zoom website has lots of informative content about how Zoom works and how to set it up. Students do not need an account to access classes hosted by their teachers. Students should download the Zoom client to improve interactions using the Zoom application. There are also tips at our Learning From Home wiki page.

 What if I need to talk to my teacher?

Email your subject teacher if you have any concerns about the work.

 Why is my Compass class labelled 'Self Directed Study' and not showing my teacher's name?

Your teacher is taking Personal Leave and you are being instructed to self-direct your studies.  Refer to your Compass Lesson Plan for the work for that day or week. If your teacher’s absence is for a limited time there won’t be a CRT.  If your teacher needs to be absent for longer a replacement teacher will be assigned to your classes and their name will appear instead of Self Directed Study.

 What if I need to come into the school?

Refer to COMPASS News Feeds. COMPASS emails and news feeds will have all the PHSC updates.

 What if I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, who can I talk to?

You can call or email Felicity (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) to chat about how you are coping or worries you have about friends or family members. Felicity is available during school hours every week. Call 9389 0617 during school hours or email at anytime.  You might like to ask Felicity about organising appointments with Kelly (School Psychologist) & Jess (Mental Health Practitioner).

Also KidsHelpline offers free, confidential phone or webchat support for young people aged up to 25 on anything from anxiety, worries about study or friendships - You can call them on 1800 55 1800 at anytime.

 What if I am unwell and I can't be present for the scheduled Zoom session?

Contact your teacher via email to let them know you are unwell and have a parent put the absence on COMPASS as they would normally do if you were absent from school.

 I study instrumental music. What happens with my instrumental music lessons?

All instrumental music lessons will happen using Zoom in the usually scheduled way. You can see your IM lessons on your Compass schedule. Your IM teacher will use the Lesson Plan feature to provide the Zoom link. If you miss your instrumental music lesson your teacher will contact your parents  by email in the usual way.

 I am a member of a music ensemble. Do we still have rehearsals?

Due to the nature of rehearsing music, Zoom cannot unfortunately handle a 'live rehearsal', however all Ensemble Leaders are developing resources and practise plans for Term 2. Keep an eye on your email as you will receive a notification on what to do for your ensemble very soon!

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