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The VCAA has provided advice on delivery of the VCE under Remote Learning conditions and the following information applies to all Princes Hill Secondary senior school students.

 VCAA General Information

As Unit 3 is in the process of delivery there will be no changes to the teaching and assessment program as outlined in the Study Design. Teachers should proceed with their current teaching and learning programs to allow Unit 3 to be completed as designed. VCAA will provide advice in the week commencing 20 April 2020 on which Unit 3 school-based assessments can be completed remotely.

The following adjustments to the delivery of VCE apply:

  • The GAT test will move from June to October or November.
  • End-of-year exams will be postponed until at least December.
  • School-based assessment tasks will be reduced where possible to relieve some pressure on students as they move to remote and flexible learning arrangements.
  • Universities will be asked to delay the start of the 2021 university year to account for impacts of coronavirus on senior secondary students.

The VCAA has also been asked to consider a compressed end-of-year exam schedule in recognition of the disruption caused by the pandemic.

VCAA Documents

 Unit 3 SACS On-site

Each SAC will have a Compass Event Students must check Compass Events for specific SAC instructions (e.g. school entry location, infection control measures start and end time, room allocation etc.)

Students should ensure they arrive 15 minutes prior to a SAC.

Our planning of on-site assessments for Unit 3 SAC's is consistent with VCAA and Department of Education guidelines. We will be carefully conducting these on-site assessments with strict adherence to Department and public health guidelines regarding physical distancing, sanitation and infection control.

On arrival to the school students are expected to follow all of the steps below:

Step 1: Upon entry immediately use the hand sanitiser provided.

Step 2: Follow instructions from staff at entry and proceed directly to your allocated room adhering to physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres.

Step 3: Upon arrival to the room wait until you are directed to your seat by a staff member, maintaining physical distance.

Step 4: At the completion of the SAC students will remain seated, depart only when instructed, and use hand sanitiser on exit from the room.

Step 5: Students must depart the school site immediately following a SAC unless they have been granted permission to remain on-site by the Assistant Principal.

Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Cleaners are on-site and hand sanitiser is readily available.
  • Each room will be deep cleaned prior to student arrival and directly after they depart.
  • Toilet facilities will be deep cleaned prior to student arrival.  Cleaners are on-site during the SAC to clean touch points and bathrooms.
  • Larger rooms are set up to host the SAC’s. Rooms have air flow - with windows for ventilation, desks are spaced 2 metres apart and hand sanitiser will be available in the room.
  • Staff will ensure all on-site and physical distancing protocols are adhered to.
 Term 2 Attendance Policy

For Term 2 and the remainder of Unit 1 and 3 the Senior school attendance policy will be suspended. 

VCE students are required to continue to participate in all subject class/instruction, complete and submit tasks/set work and assessments.

Students are expected to meet all work requirements and the equivalent of at least 50 hours learning to attain an S for any unit. If a student is not engaging regularly they will not meet the requirements of the unit and receive an N for the unit.

 Expectations of VCE student

VCE students are required to continue to participate in all subject class/instruction, complete and submit tasks/set work and assessments and adhere to authentication requirements. See Authentication of work section below.

Follow your teacher’s exact instructions particularly around the conditions that assessments are to be done.

It is highly recommended that students communicate regularly with their teachers and seek assistance from the Senior school team and the Wellbeing team. See Communications section below.

Student must also follow the PHSC Remote Learning Expectations - Students.

 Authentication of Work

For all VCE Unit Outcomes it is very important that teachers are able to authenticate student work. Until further advice from VCAA VCE students and parents/guardians must complete and sign an authentication form for any submitted work where required by the teacher. The signed authentication sheet must be submitted with the assessment task and acknowledges the work is the student's own.

Any work that cannot be authenticated will need to be repeated once returning to school.

Therefore, students should ensure they date and keep all drafts, notes, plans, classwork, revision notes etc. These can be shown to teachers to help authenticate student work when we’re back at school. Students are encouraged to keep all work and not to throw out anything that could be used as evidence of learning.

 Authentication Record for School-based Assessment form - parent should sign under the student signature.


Achieving Outcomes

Students should still be able to demonstrate that they understand the key knowledge areas and achieve the outcomes in a unit for an S or N. Teachers will use submitted tasks/ homework and other work as evidence that demonstrates the students understanding of each Area of Study /Outcome.

Remote Coursework

  • It is important for students to consider their environment when completing coursework/assessments and ensure it is free from potential distractions or interruptions during the time allocated to the task.
  • Students should upload completed work by the set time and date together with the signed authentication form where required.

Graded Assessment

Unit 1 Assessment

  • Teachers are to utilise student work/drafts/practice SAC result together with any other coursework result to determine if the student has met the outcome to a Satisfactory or Not satisfactory level.
  • No on-site SAC assessments will occur
  • Mid-year exams TBC- Learning Area Leader to discuss open book remote assessment/exams.

Unit 3 Assessment

  • SATs will continue to run as possible. Work MUST be authenticated by the teacher with the specific VCAA form completed.
  • In-school SAC - you will be advised if a SAC will be conducted at school and provided with the physical distancing  instructions to adhere to.
  • If SATS/SACs are not submitted, the student will not qualify for feedback or scored result unless a medical certificate/Statutory Declaration is forwarded to the class teacher & coordinator.
  • If a student is unwell, has a medical certificate/Statutory Declaration and forwarded to the teacher and coordinator, they will be provided with a new due date of no more than 3 days after the original set date. (Providing this fits in with the medical guidance.)
  • Where possible teachers are to utilise student work/ drafts/practice SAC and other coursework results to derive a score that is then subject to moderation. The result will later be verified once school resumes.

When school resumes we are considering (subject to further VCAA advice) whether students will undertake a SAC for each subject to allow for authentication of student work. This assessment may include questions that cover more than one outcome.

 Expectations of VET Students

VET students are required to continue to fully participate in all subject class/instruction, tasks/set work and assessments as provided by your trainer. 

It is highly recommended that students communicate regularly with their trainers and seek assistance from the Senior school team (VET Coordinator 9389 0629 or and the Wellbeing team as needed. See Communications section below.

Students must follow the VET Remote Learning Instructions.

Student must also follow the PHSC Remote Learning Expectations - Students

 Term 2 VET Attendance Policy

VET students are expected to attend all classes at their normal scheduled time via remote online learning. All students have received information from their trainers about making remote contact for lessons. Note that the arrangements for online learning vary between providers so you must follow the instructions from your trainer. If students have difficulty they should contact their trainer in the first instance. PHSC receives information about student attendance at all classes so will follow up any absences. 

 VCAL General Information

VCAA advise that VCAL students will have more time to complete their courses and this will be consistent with the revised dates for the VCE.

Refer to the VCAL Home page and VCAL REMOTE LEARNING TERM 2 2020.

 Expectations of VCAL Students

VCAL students are required to continue to fully participate in all subject class/instruction, tasks/set work and assessments.

It is highly recommended that students communicate regularly with their teachers and seek assistance from the Senior school team and the Wellbeing team. See Communications section below.

Student must also follow the PHSC  Remote Learning Expectations - Students.


Contacting Teachers

It is recommended to regularly communicate with your teachers during school hours. Your teachers will have provided you with the best method of communication though most use email and Compass.

Contacting the Senior School Team (School Hours)

PositionNamePhone. #  email. 
Senior Sub School Leader     Dani Crew 

9389 0623

0499 923 168
Year 12 Coordinator         Andy Kemp
Year 11 Coordinator  Murray Mathieson
VCAL CoordinatorSue Tyrie
Acting Careers/VET CoordinatorMargaret Fry 9389 0629

Student Wellbeing During Remote Learning

At Princes Hill Secondary College, our student wellbeing program focuses on providing relevant and meaningful support and information to all students, their friends and families about their emotional, social, mental and physical wellbeing.  While we are engaged in home learning during Term 2, the wellbeing support program will continue to provide support to young people via phone, zoom and email.

Call 9389 0617 during school hours to speak to Felicity, the Student Wellbeing Coordinator or email to discuss any wellbeing or mental health concerns you have. You can also call to chat about a friend you are worried about. Parents and carers are very welcome to contact Felicity to talk about the support needs of your child. Information and referrals to external supports can also be provided. Appointments with the PHSC Educational Psychologist (Kelly), or our Mental Health Practitioner (Jess) can also be requested by contacting Felicity.

  • Unit 3 has been extended and will now end on Friday 26th of June (Term 2 - Week 11)
  • Unit 1 has been extended and will now end on Friday 26th of June (Term 2 - Week 11)
  • Unit 2 and 4 start Monday 13th July (Term 3 - Week 1)
  • Once we have VCAA exam dates some adjustments may occur for the SAC Calendar in Unit 2 and 4
  • Year 12 External Exams postponed - possibly December (date TBC)
  • Year 12 Graduation Evening postponed until after Year 12 exams (TBC)
  • Year 11 End of year exams - Last week in November (TBC)
  • Year 11-12 Transition postponed (TBC - possibly change to one and a half day program or holiday homework only)

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