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Dear VCE Unit 3&4, VCAL & VET Students, staff, parents and carers

Today we received confirmation from the VCAA that schools can conduct on-site assessments for VCE Unit 3&4, VCAL & VET students.

'The VCAA confirms that the Stay at Home Directions  (the Directions) across Victoria enable:

• students to leave their premises to undertake essential VCE and VCAL assessments onsite, 
• a school or other educational facility or institution to operate for the purposes of providing those services to those students, where it is ‘not reasonably practicable for those assessment to be undertaken’ from the student’s home, and
• education staff can leave their premises to undertake support for the delivery of mandatory VCE and VCAL assessments onsite.'

The definition for Essential Assessments listed in the Directions, or what was referred to as Mandatory Assessments in the Operations Guide for DET schools, includes:
• for Unit 3 and 4 VCE and VCAL students, essential assessments include all School-based Assessments (School-assessed Coursework and School-assessed Tasks) for all studies and VCAL strands. This includes these VCE and VCAL essential assessments delivered at a school or other educational facility or institution. For VET programs, undertaken as part of VCE or VCAL, including VCE VET, essential assessments include any units of competency that require access to facilities, resources, equipment or materials for practical assessments that are unable to be conducted via remote learning.

Our school will follow all COVID-19 related Health directions and Department of Education and Training guidelines, as well as the Specific controls for Essential Assessments for VCE and VCAL advice approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. At Princes Hill we will better the physical distancing requirements by at least 50%, along with meeting or exceeding the expectations in relation to documenting seating arrangements; sanitising; mask wearing; cleaning; temperature checking and distributed access points.

Students will know if their assessment will occur on-site when advised by their teacher, confirmed by a Compass Event that will detail the entry point, room and arrangements for their assessment. On-site SACs this week include Maths Methods (Wednesday afternoon)  and Physics (Friday). Specific details and times will be confirmed via the Compass Event. Some assessments will continue to operate remotely where deemed appropriate.

Of course, students must observe all public health measures consistent with Stage 4 restrictions whilst travelling to and from the school, and at all times whilst on site. More information on this will be provided through the Compass Event and News Feed.

Specific information about the conduct of on-site SATs, rehearsals, performance and practical VET assessments will be provided during the week.

Thank you for your patience as we have sought clarification and worked through the challenges presented by on-site and remote assessment respectively.

Best regards

Trevor Smith and Dani Crew

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