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Dear senior students,

Invariably, we find that August is a challenging time for senior students, especially in Year 12. It can be hard to maintain focus, motivation and momentum. The winter weather, a build up of assessments and an awareness that exams are still a way off ( but nonetheless getting closer) are all significant hurdles to overcome in the final year of secondary school.  Clearly, this year the hurdles are a little higher and the race a little longer!  Take confidence from knowing that Princes Hill students make it through these challenges to the finish line and perform tremendously well.  We have been impressed by how well you have so far navigated the uncertainty and unpredictability of life and study in a global pandemic, school closure, lock-down and Stage 4 restrictions.  This is a testament to your strength, resilience and ability to adapt. Thank you too, for your continuing support and care for each other. 

Remote Assessments

During Stage 4 restrictions all Year 11 and VCAL assessments will occur remotely unless otherwise advised.  Some Year 12 assessments will be conducted remotely, others will be held on-site. 

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has advised schools on the delivery of remote assessments and our processes reflect this advice. Having trialled remote assessments last week, we have further developed and documented our remote assessment processes and expectations. These will be shared with senior school students through the wiki.

Year 12 On-site Assessments

The Chief Health Officer and the Department of Education have reiterated that schools remain safe places for students to be. We are committed to ensuring the integrity and authenticity of our school-based assessments. Consequently, some assessments will be held on-site. There has however, been a delay whilst the Department of Education works with the Department of Health to clarify the appropriate control measures for onsite attendance for assessments. We have been advised this morning that this advice is imminent.

Our aim is to minimise any disruption to the Year 12 curriculum program resulting from on-site assessments.  Therefore, some SACs will need to be scheduled after normal school hours. We are also awaiting clarification of how student attendance for Year 12 SATs (mandatory practical assessment tasks in some Arts subjects) will be managed. 

Students are permitted to travel to school and attend for onsite assessments but must take care to ensure they wear face coverings when out, keep physically distanced and do not gather in groups of more than two. Teachers will be granted permitted worker status to attend on-site where necessary. 

Specific information about forthcoming individual subject assessments (i.e. if remote or on-site) will be provided by the senior school team and your class teacher.

Authentication and Assessment

It is important to note that for all VCE Unit Outcomes it is vital that teachers are able to authenticate student work. Students are required to declare the authenticity of their work. It is advised that students date and keep all drafts, notes, plans, classwork, revision notes etc. These can be shown to teachers to help authenticate student work when we’re back at school. Students are encouraged to keep all work and not to throw out anything that could be used as evidence of learning. 

Importantly, VCE students are reminded of their obligation to follow VCAA and school rules regarding school-based assessments under test conditions. 'A student undertaking assessment under test conditions as part of School-based Assessment in Units 1 to 4 must comply with VCAA examination rules.' - VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2020, VCAA. For rules for assessments please refer to VCE Student Guidelines for Remote Assessment. If any part or all of the work cannot be authenticated it will be considered a potential breach of VCAA rules and will be investigated. The work will need to be repeated once on-site.

For detailed information on Remote Learning for the Senior School please use this link. 

As new information comes to hand, we will update you.

Best regards

Trevor Smith & Dani Crew

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