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Dear Students and Parents

The majority of students, teachers and  parents report that they are looking forward eagerly to returning to on-site learning. At the same time we recognise that everyone in our school community - students, parents and staff - are to some degree concerned or anxious at how we can all safely return to teaching, learning, work and study in the current global pandemic. Understandably, there are emotional responses and impacts, some of which we are aware of whilst others sit below the surface. I encourage everyone to carry this awareness with us as we come back together and be especially considerate, kind and thoughtful in our interactions with each other

Thank you for your, support, cooperation  and encouragement in our remote learning journey. This journey continues for another two weeks for students in Years 7-10 before all classes resume following the Queens Birthday long weekend. Year 11 & 12 students resume on-site next Tuesday May 26. We have been working diligently to organise arrangements for the return to on-site teaching and learning. We are also adapting reporting to reflect curriculum and assessment changes flowing from the adjustments made during remote learning. This has involved balancing public health advice, Department of Education guidelines and OHS requirements whilst considering our particular school context. It is a complex process that requires pragmatism amidst at times, conflicting priorities and advice.

I emphasise the Chief Health Officer's advice that, 'the risk posed to staff and students returning to on-site schooling at this time is very low'.

Our Returning to School/On-site Learning page details many of the measures we are implementing in the return.  Please review these details at the link. They recognise the challenges presented and acknowledge that implementation will be imperfect. We expect to adjust our approach as we trial these measures with Year 11 &12 students  next week, and as further consultation occurs and/or new advice is received. 

A key message in the return process is that the most important action we can take to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), is to ensure that any unwell staff, children and young
people remain at home. We ask staff, parents and students to respect and honour this practice. Please note at the Returning to School/On-site Learning the process for students or staff to be sent home where the school has concerns about unwell students or staff.

Parents/carers of students with complex medical needs (including those with compromised immune systems), should seek advice from the student’s medical practitioner to support decision-making about whether on-site education is suitable, noting that this advice may change depending on the status of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Victoria. This is in line with the DET Health Care Needs policy. In the event that a medical practitioner deems that a complex medical condition means that on-site education is not suitable, then this needs to be communicated in writing to the relevant Sub-school Leader with supporting documentation. Accommodations to access and complete the on-site curriculum will then be arranged with teaching staff.

If a medical practitioner deems that your child has complex medical condition as indicated above please provide advice and documentation to the relevant Sub school Leader:

Year 11 & 12 Sub school Leader Dani Crew by Monday 25 May 1;00pm (pending documentation if necessary))

Year 9  & 10 Sub school Leader Baden Small  by Friday 29 May 1:00pm

Year  7 & 8 Sub school Leader Anna Vaxalis  by Friday 29 May 1:00pm

Note that schools will not operate both face to face and remote learning for who students do not attend without medically documented complex medical needs.

On-site Learning Program for Year 7-10 students continues until June 9

For those students who cannot be supervised at home and for vulnerable children, the existing model of on-site schooling will remain in place during the two-week period from Tuesday 26 May to Tuesday 9 June. The current process that we are using to enable parents and carers to indicate the days or part-days for which on-site schooling is required will continue for this two-week period. See further relevant information and application form here.

Computer Devices and Internet Access

Students and families who have accessed devices or internet through the school are able to retain use of devices/internet access until further notice. As schools return to on-site learning students are expected to bring the device with them to school as appropriate as part of the on-site learning program.

Please be aware that families may also access internet services directly through providers at low or no cost through providers such as Superloop where the following criteria are met:

  • they reside in an NBN serviced area
  • they do not have an existing NBN service
  • they have school aged children living at the residence
  • they are in receipt of a Job Seeker Allowance or Family Tax Benefit

We are really looking forward to seeing Year 11 & 12 students on Tuesday and encourage Year 7-10 students to make the most of their remote learning opportunities before returning on June 9. Students or parents who have wellbeing concerns about the return to school to contact our wellbeing team - contact details and supports are available on our Remote Learning Home page. As further information becomes available from public health officials, the Department of Education or the school we will continue to communicate it through the Remote Learning Home page. Please also see confirmation below of key dates for the remainder of Term 2.

Warm regards

Trevor Smith


Key Dates

Monday 25th May - Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)

Monday 25th May is a statewide Curriculum Day and there are no remote nor on-site classes. School staff will be preparing for the return of Year 11 & 12 students on Tuesday 26 May and the return of Years 7-10 students on Tuesday June 9.

Tuesday May 26th May - Resumption of Classes on-site for Year 11 & 12 (and for Year 10 students enrolled in VCE or VCAL Units )

From Tuesday 26th May, Year 11 & 12 where classes are occurring on site the measures in our Returning to School/On-site Learning  guide apply to all staff, students and parents (unless otherwise advised). Teachers will be delivering classes face to face with Year 11 & 12 students, and remotely to students in Years 7-10.

Instrumental Music Lessons will continue remotely from Tuesday 26th May to Friday 5th June and thereafter, on-site. Details will be communicated by the Music Department.

Tuesday June 9 Resumption of classes on-site for Years 7-10 

From Tuesday 9th June all year Year 7-10 students join Year 11&12 students in learning on-site. 

Friday June 19 Report Writing Day (Pupil Free Day)

Students do not attend on this day.

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