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All students in Victorian government schools must have free access to instruction that is offered by a school to fulfil the curriculum requirements in the eight key learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum F-10, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). School councils can only request payments from parents under 3 categories:

  • Essential Student Learning Items
  • Optional Items
  • Voluntary Contributions

Princes Hill Secondary College adheres to the department Parent Payments Policy which outlines the ways in which school councils can request payments or voluntary contributions from parents and ensures that parent payment practices in schools are consistent, transparent and that all children have access to the standard curriculum.

Parent Payment Arrangements - 2021

Parent payment arrangements include the school’s:

  • payment requests to parents for items and activities. Items and activities must be clearly specified, accurately costed and itemised using the 3 categories
  • financial support options for parents experiencing financial hardship
  • payment methods

Please find below the Princes Hill Secondary College Parent Payment Arrangements for 2021 as reviewed and ratified by the school council:

Additional Parent Payments Information

Parents may raise any issues or make general inquiries about charges by contacting the school Business Manager on 9389 0600.

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