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  • Middle School Electives - STEAM
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In Coding, students learn a range of technologies to get the computer and the web to do interesting things. Some of the technologies explored include Scratch, Python, Javascript, HTML, and more.  Students will work with text and numbers and pictures, making simple functional programs, apps, simulations, and images. Students will need to have a functional laptop (mac or PC) - tablets won't be satisfactory. There will be a variety of tasks to complete - some set, and some more open-ended. This subject should help you understand what's going on with computing, and let you create some interesting work


Students will learn the basics of robotics as a growing field in which we can program machines to do our bidding. From basic programming of simple robots to follow a path/complete an activity, to using simple computers (like arduino or raspberry pi) to create a new machine, to modelling and designing new creations with the use of a 3D printer, you will see how we can all be part of the making and designing process for new and interesting technologies. You will get a chance to see what's available for you to begin your lives as designers and engineers, and how really anybody can get into robotics, even if you're just doing it for fun!

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