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The following elective subjects are available in Multidisciplinary Studies:


 Dollars and Sense

This unit will expose students to the world of money and start them on the path to financial independence. The course involves study of financial matters across a number of modules including earning an income, taxation, investments, SCAM's and budgets. As part of the course students will invest $50,000 of virtual funds in the share market and trade shares against other school syndicates throughout Australia.

Through a variety of hands-on projects, exercises and excursions students will explore the answers to personal finance questions such as:

  • How will I get paid if I get a job?
  • What could I do with my money?
  • How can I get the best mobile phone deal?
  • What if I want to buy a car?
  • What is the share market and how do you invest in it?
  • What is a budget and do I need one?
  • Could I get a bank a loan?

Students will get to interact with real bankers and personal financial advisors throughout the course and learn the basics of sound financial decisions.

Assessment will be based on participation and satisfactory completion of work requirements.


 Digital Technologies

This course has three main units. The first unit, Digital Systems, focuses on the hardware, software and network components of digital systems. Students understand how data are transmitted between components within a system and how the hardware and software interact to form networks.  The assessment for this area is a written test.

The second unit, Data and Information focuses on the techniques for collecting, managing and organising data that is used to solve problems and create and communicate ideas and information. Students will learn intermediate skills in Word and Excel. The assessment for this unit is a series of short tasks.

The third unit, Creating Digital Solutions, explores the interrelated processes and associated skills by which students create digital solutions. Students engage in the four processes of analysing, designing, developing and evaluating when working on a project invilviong digital media. The assessment for this unit is a project. 



These units all incorporate elements from a variety of areas, including Communication, Humanities, Science, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Interpersonal Development and Thinking

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