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Italian or French

The study of a language offers the opportunity for development in cognitive and linguistic skills, as well as being valuable for employment, travel and intercultural understanding.

Studying Languages at VCE level is also an advantage for entrance to tertiary institutions. Students will develop personal and interpersonal skills, as well as developing oral, aural and grammatical skills in Italian or French. They will also study the history, geography and culture of Italy or France. Assessment will be based on successful completion of work requirements, including workbook, assignments, class activities and homework. They will cover the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students are expected to participate in a poetry competition and the ACER Assessment of Language Competence.

There is a New Caledonia Study Tour organised every even year that is open to students studying French in Years 8-11. It runs for 10 days in November. The France Study Tour is open to Years 10-11 and is organised in November, every alternate year for about 3 weeks.

Year 10 students studying Italian will be given the opportunity to participate in the Italy Study Tour organised every even year during September. It runs for about 18-21 days.


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