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  • Junior School - Year 8 Semester 2 Electives
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Click on the headings below to see images and brief descriptions of each the Year 8 Elective Subjects offered in the 2019 Semester 2 Program:

 Captain Snooze

As winter is upon us students will be cosy and warm in their own pair of ’PJ’s or a ‘Onesie’. They will construct their PJ’s from lightweight woven cotton or cotton flannelette with an elastic pants waist. Lace trim, contrast fabric edges, ribbon and crazy buttons can be added to personalise their PJ’s. The ‘Onesie’ will be made from fleecy knit fabric and can be personalised by adding character features such as eyes, ears, tummy and tail. Fabric for PJ or Onesie are to be supplied by the student. The school will provide the pattern. No previous sewing experience necessary.

 The Bakery

Ever walked down the street and stopped at the smell of fresh bread and pastry? If you want to learn about the art of baking, and eat some delicious goods too, then this is the subject for you. You will have the chance to explore the ins and outs of how a bakery operates. By the end of the semester, students will have the chance to bake for various occasions, as well as design their own unique bread. Warning: this subject will contain gluten products.

 Design an Adventure Playground

As a designer your client has asked you to Design an Adventure Playground for the young at heart. Learn to use technical drawing skills such as Planometric, Isometric and Oblique hand drawing systems to create a fun adventure playground with such play areas as a maze to get lost in, and climbing blocks and tunnels to explore. Students will also complete a written investigation task within this semester subject. Assessment will include students posting their finished work on our gallery page on the wiki.


 From Page to Stage

Students will use script-writing and devising to create a performance from “scratch” to Opening night. Students will select their starting points and inspiration from a range of sources including traditional Japanese and Italian Commedua del Arte, Physical Theatre and Brecht. They will write and develop text, explore, design and collaborate on costume, lighting, traditional and contemporary mask making, set design, multimedia, promotion and much much more!! Culminating in a matinee and evening performance.


In this course students will learn about kiln formed glass. Students will learn how to cut and manipulate glass to create a range of products. Assessment in this subject is based on the completion of sketchbook tasks.


Students will study elements of art through their engagement with painting and drawing tasks of this course. They will be provided with opportunities to use their imagination whilst trying out new ideas and developing their skills.

The folio of work to be produced in the semester includes an application of a range of painting and drawing techniques, as well as an exploration of collage and mixed media. Preparatory sketches and experimentation are documented in the visual diary.

 Much Ado About Shakespeare

Students will explore a range of techniques to approach and perform scenes, duologues and sonnets from Shakespeare’s plays.They will research and apply stagecraft such as lighting, projection, sound and costume, and rehearse and perform to a range of audiences.

 Steam Punk

This course will enable students to be creative through a study of the ‘Steampunk’ movement in literature, film making, design and art. Students will be encouraged to be creative in designing and making objects from unwanted, reusable and second-hand materials. This will be facilitated by working with metals and related materials found at home. 



 Print It

This elective will explore traditional printmaking techniques but will focus on variations such as, mono prints, linocuts, stencils, zines and portraits. If this all sounds gobbledygook, join up and be engaged, entranced and enlightened. It will require curiosity and a small sketch book.


Ever wondered why your favourite song sounds the way it does? How do you even get started writing a song?! This is the opportunity to let your creative juices flow! We’ll learn the basics of creating catchy melodies, cool riffs, and sick beats. Then we’ll use DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to combine them all together and record your very own piece of music.

By the end of the semester, all students will have their own song recorded to share online however you like!

 Sustainable Fashion

Who says fashion cannot be sustainable and environmentally friendly? Fashion has long been known for its frivolousness as last year’s clothes head for landfill. Become a 'recycler' of fashion by giving an unwanted fashion/textile item a second chance at being desirable, useful and loved. Students will recycle yesterday’s fashion into up-cycled and transformed individual fashion statements using embroidery, applique, deconstruction and/or reconstruction techniques. Students need to supply the ready-made garment for reconstruction. Previous sewing experience would be an advantage but not essential.

 The Band

This class is all about playing in a band! We’ll put together bands of 4 - 6 students to learn, rehearse, and perform music from a variety of different styles including: Rock, Blues, Funk, R ‘n B, and Pop. We will also study famous live performances from artists such as Queen, Beyonce, Midnight Oil, and John Butler to understand how bands/musicians put on a show and interact on stage.

By the end of the semester, all students will perform and record a set of music!

Please note: it is expected that you already learn an instrument when you choose this subject.


In this elective students will learn about:

  • the properties of timber
  • design communication via design and plan drawings
  • how to design and construct a small item of furniture.

Students will be required to:

  • understand workshop safety and use a range of hand and power tools to produce various joinery methods.
  • produce a design folio containing the components of the design process such as the investigation, notes and sketches on project ideas, design drawings and production plans.

Students will work with assembly and finishing techniques including a range of decorative options in order for the project to have both, a functional and aesthetic aspect to take home.

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