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Normal attendance notification requirements apply for all students. Please refer to our school Attendance Policy for further information.

Attendance and Students who may be Medically Vulnerable

  • The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that given the current low risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in the school community, students with medical vulnerabilities can feel reassured that they can safely attend learning on school sites. An individual assessment is always recommended and decisions regarding school attendance should be informed by the nature of a child or young person’s condition, its severity and intensity of required treatment. In most cases, the presence of common conditions of childhood, such as asthma, epilepsy or Type 1 diabetes, should not preclude a student from attending face-to-face learning.
  • In keeping with expert public health advice, some students may be at higher risk for severe outcomes or complications of coronavirus (COVID-19), for example those with chronic medical conditions. Any student with a chronic medical condition should seek advice from their medical practitioner about attending school on site at different stages in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Given most of these conditions are rare in children, it should be an uncommon event for a child to be determined by a medical practitioner to be unable to return to school due to an ongoing medical reason raising concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), outside of an acute illness.
  • Our school will review assessments relating to attendance alongside notable changes to coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in Victoria.
  • Please contact the Sub-School Leader for further support and advice on how we can support your child in these circumstances.

Students absent due to Covid-19 like symptoms

  • If a student needs to stay at home as they are unwell, please add reason to Compass eg. CHO/medical advice - mild COVID-19 symptoms. This will provide us with the relevant information to review any possible breach of the Attendance Policy and/or organise rescheduling of formal assessments. This includes VCE Assessments e.g.  SACs (school assessed coursework).

Student Absence due to Border Restrictions

  • Where students are unable to attend school because they are prohibited from returning to Victoria due to being in a designated “Red Zone’ or because they are undertaking home-based quarantining after visiting a Red Zone, we will provide schools materials to support students to continue their learning remotely until such time as they are permitted to return to school. Please contact the Sub-School Leader for further support and advice on how we can support your child in these circumstances.

Our school records student attendance in accordance with the Attendance Policy.

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